Choose to Forgive this Season

Christmas is the time to forgive
Forgiving is not easy. In fact, I see it as the hardest thing in life. I take time to forgive, long enough for it to sink that indeed it’s the only way towards healing and showing love. I care so much about people but that doesn’t always happen to be the case with those I care about.
Many times I’ve been misunderstood. My good intentions towards people have turned against me. Maybe this is why I find it hard to forgive when it sinks I was only positive trying to help. I have made enemies with people I never thought of. With friends I was so close to.
It requires a lot of courage and humility to forgive. It’s having a desire of healing the wounds and moving on. Forgiveness is one enriching and rewarding gift you can ever surprise yourself with.
When forgiveness is withheld it makes things more worse than they were at the beginning. The most important things in life are free and they happen to be the hardest to put into action. Like saying ‘I am sorry, forgive me it was my mistake, thank you’
I spend a lot of time trying to figure out if the person who hurt me knows how it feels, wondering if they understand my pain. But I only realised it can take forever to heal if you choose not to. You can’t let go if you keep dwelling on past mistakes. For a matter of fact they will never change and can take the best part of you if you let them.
Withholding forgiveness fills your heart with anger and hate.
You’re the one standing between forgiveness and enemity. Make choice! Choose to forgive.

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