Choose wisely for the man you want to date

Choose your men wisely

Is it okay for you to choose to get yourself into a relationship that you know very well will not work? He might be every girl’s dream but nobody is perfect in this world.

He might be tall, sexy, well toned body, dark, has good English, but what does it matter if your relationship with him always ends up in tears, pain and physical violence?

Her name was Narnia. Narnia had this wild fantasies about marrying a 6’0″ guy who was dark and handsome,had money,was stable. Well, one day her prayers were answered and she found a man exactly as she wanted.

What Narnia never considered was happiness and she never took the time to think things through before getting married to Mr Right,or who she thought was.

Their marriage was an emotional roller-coaster. Her husband always came home late and one month after their marriage it even go worse.

Everything ended with Narnia taking her own life. Why? Depression. She couldn’t hold it in anymore, and she never wanted to talk about it, afraid that people would judge her.

Take your time to choose

See, my point is, when it comes to getting into a relationship with a guy, be it a fling or something serious that will lead to marriage, take your time.

Take your time to read every line that maketh this person; his behavior; and the way he interacts with people. Evaluate the way he eats and sleeps; his relationship with his family… Find out about everything.

Finding out about every single thing is important. This is because rushing into a relationship is not something that should be done. Someone has to know every detail about the other, to avoid break-ups and divorce.

Its really sickening that many people divorce 10 years into marriage for a problem that could have been fixed during courtship.

If you do not like what your man or your boyfriend does, tell him. Let him know what you like and what you don’t like. This way,you avoid some things that can be torturous in your future life with your partner.

Lastly, ladies, if he does not treat you well: Leave.

It is a man’s responsibility to treat you well. He is not allowed to take it out on you after work. Whatever stress that he has, he should share with you so that you help him find a solution, but not take it out on you.

Do not let yourself suffer emotionally.

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