Choosing the right bra for your bust size

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Among the crucial items on a campus lady’s shopping list when reporting to college is getting a good bra.
As campus ladies, we are cut from different clothes and one of our differentiators is our bust size.

Whether you have a small or big bust, getting the right size and quality of brassier is very important.

Most campus ladies with big breasts tend to adopt uncomfortable postures so as to hide them.

Stooping is mostly caused by wearing a wrong bra.

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Stooping may cause other complications including backaches and shoulder aches.

The right size of brassier accentuates the most important parts of our body – the breasts.

A good bra should have a cup size that ensures that breasts do not spill out of the cup when bending.

Tests to Help Determine whether bra fits perfectly

  1. Band test – Your band should fit snugly against your back and rest parallel to the ground.
  2. Cup test – Your breast tissue should fit inside the cups of your bra without leaving any extra space or spillage.
  3. Strap test – Your straps should not be too tight or slip off your shoulders when adjusted.

In order to get the right size of brassier for your burst, it is important to go for a fitting done by a fit professional.

However, this can be quite expensive for a campus student and therefore you can do it from home.

When doing it at home, take two measurements, one while wearing a non-padded bra.

Take the rib cage measurement and another from the fullest part of your bosom.

The rib cage measurement represents the band size for women with large busts.

For non-busty campus ladies, add four or five depending on whether the figure is even or odd to get your band size measurement.

The difference between the two measurements will help you determine your cup size.

For example, if the difference is one inch, then your cup size is A and if your difference is 4, then your cup size is D.

A bra size is known by a number that usually stands for the brassier band size and letters that represents the cup size.

For instance a bra size 30C means that the bra brand size is 30 and the cup size is C.

Therefore, as you pack for campus this week, ensure that you have yourself the right brassier for your bust size.

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