Mon. May 20th, 2019

Cockroaches and Early Retirement?

I recently sat across a middle aged woman on a table outside a kiosk. Under the red shade of the Coca-Cola umbrellas shielding the plastic table and us, the occupants of the table, from the unforgiving February sun. My grandma says it will rain soon. She knows this because; she has lived for quite some time on this planet of ours and has had a chance to notice the weather patterns, ever so erratic these past couple of years.

“I once heard of a man who had up to 6,000 quail. 6,000! Now you can imagine what happened when this miracle bird turned out not-so-quite-the-manna-from-heaven.” She said.

The discussion is between the middle aged woman and a slightly older man. Balding head, hair growing out of his nostrils and ears, big calloused hands probably from years of hard work or probably he just uses the wrong hand cream. He had a smallish frame, which was quite a contrast to his massive hands. They were talking about investments. The future of money, the growth of an economy.

“You know, one thing that surprises me is how agribusiness is doing so well now. I have seen people on wozap selling snails. Imagine, snails. This one time one of those fancy university boys came to our women’s meeting at church and told us how they were making cake from cockroaches.” She opened her mouth further to talk, wetting her lips for easier passage of sound, I opened mine for a completely different purpose. I gagged.

So, investment? Financial freedom and financial literacy are issues I feel we as the youth should be more aware of. Reports show that quite a number of millennials (a category in which I believe, you and I fall squarely) seek to retire by the age of 35. By 35, there is a person who will be out of a job not because of the high rate of unemployment, but more for the reason they decided to liberate themselves financially.

Now, do not get me wrong, there is a fulfillment that comes from working and giving results and being of service for several decades. It is important to find fulfillment in your work. However, there also is a beauty in being in charge of your own financial capacities to a point of considering and even pursuing retirement at a youthful age. What I am yet to understand is: do these early retirees seek to establish their own endeavors or do they simply desire to laze around in their inner garments for the rest of their lives? If they are all for the former, then hurrah, retirement here we come.

See, making cockroach cake is fine and all, but it just seems to be a bizarre idea to me. Look at it this way, there is an individual out there out to make a killing on cockroach cake (no pun intended) surely, if that idea can fly (again, no pun intended) then your graphics design idea can too. Go for it.

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