CUEA, KCA lead private universities into the second round of #CampusBattleKE


Private Universities in Kenya have shown their might with regards to their representation on Twitter. This is according to the outcomes of the first round of the inaugural TCLM University Twitter Championship.

Strathmore University and United States International University demonstrated their social media dominance in the first round of the Championship. The two were pooled together in Group P and had to split the votes 43% a piece to qualify for the Second Round.

The Twitter-based competition seeks to identify the university with the most representation on Twitter.

Among the leading private universities that qualified for the second round of the competition is the Catholic University of East Africa. CUEA had a seemingly easy ride in Group E getting 67% of the total votes cast. It was followed by another private univers, Kenya Methodist University that got 13% of the votes.

From Group C, KCA University had moderate competition from Africa Nazarene University. The former got 50% of the votes while the latter came in second with 25% of the votes.

Stiff Competition.

Group L was the group of death with all participants getting at least 15% of the votes in this group, unlike in other groups. However, it was Mount Kenya University that carried the day with 37% of the votes cast. Cooperative University of Kenya came in second with 32%, just 5% behind MKU. This group was dominated by the private universities.

Multimedia University had to fend off competition from other private universities in Group M to qualify for the second round behind the University of Nairobi.

The Presbyterian University and St. Paul’s University equally qualified from Groups N and O respectively. The Presbyterian university overcame competition from Zetech to win from Group N with 40% with Zetech following with 27%. Umma University came in second to St. Paul’s University in Group O with 31% against 56%.

A total of 16 private universities qualified for the second round of the competition.

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