Cultivate your talents because talent pays

Nadia Mukami Talent Pays

Most African parents do not give their children the opportunity to use their talents. Unlike white parents who encourage and support their children to develop their talents, almost all African parents see this as a waste of time. They therefore discourage their children from developing their talents and instead, tell them to focus on their education. This advice was initially adhered to until everything changed with the 21st century.

It is in this century that talent has proven to pay more and better than education. I am not trying to discourage anyone from education but unemployment has been such a nightmare. Most people are instead opting to realize, develop and use their talents to earn a living. For instance, a football player in this current century earns more than a professor. This is something that never existed in the previous century.

Making use of your Talents in Campus

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is only in campus that one can realize, develop and use their talents. This is because campus is the only place where an individual earns freedom and lives away from their parents. They therefore get the chance to think independently. Strangely enough,most campus students do not think of anything important. They instead get swayed by thoughts and ideas of their peers in which most are usually destructive. This blinds and prevents them from seeing the other side of life where they can make use of their talents.

There are many opportunities in campus where talents are developed. Every university has a music group where those who are talented in singing go to and praise. Universities also provide modelling opportunities to those who are talented in that area. Every year in every university, there’s usually one week set aside for the exposure of talents. Commonly known as the ‘cultural week’, this is the time that people get to showcase their culture and talents.

Using your Talent for Success

However, this cannot be enough for those who are serious to use and earn from their talents. You have to go an extra mile and practice constantly because in order to perfect your skills, you have to do a lot of practice. There are many artists/musicians who began their journey in campus on a serious note and right now,they are already rocking the music industry. For instance,Nadia Mukami recorded her first song when she was still a student at Maseno University. Right now, she’s one of the best female musicians in Kenya.

To successfully make it in achieving your talent goals, you have to learn to manage your time.Allocate a specific time for your talent practice. Ensure it doesn’t interfere with your academic schedule because, at the end of the day, that degree will end up being of importance too. As much as unemployment is a common nightmare in Kenya, it should not be used as an excuse of not taking your education seriously. Education is after all not all about academic excellence only but also the expansion of one’s mind and intelligence.An educated person should always be able to think outside the box.

What is the Beauty of Talent?

Since talent pays more, I would encourage each one of us to put them into use since they are God given. Ensure you exploit all your skills and abilities because it is what makes each person unique. As we speak, I have also put mine into use. I was born a creative minded person and so when I’m not in class, I will be found writing these articles, poems, songs, stories or singing (though I don’t like my voice) and rapping. I dream of being one of the most successful female rappers cum writers. I found out that doing what you love helps soothe your mind and well, there’s nothing more admirable than nature and all that comes from our Creator.

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