Curbing Underage Pregnancies through Sex Education

Underage pregnancies has been a mind boggling problematic situation experienced among most Kenyan primary school pupils for a while now. This is not a light issue to be waved away but rather a serious issue that should be addressed as soon as can be.

I am particularly concerned about the future of our young generation who seem. Is there something that can be done to end the scourge?

Solution to Underage Pregnancies

Well, I personally believe that sex education is the best way to deal with this problem. Imparting knowledge on our children is not harmful, if they also get educated on the best way to use this knowledge. This policy shall enlighten our young ones and help them secure their future responsibly.  Sex education has deep roots and the positive fruits are celebrated since they carry the heavier weight as compared to the negative impacts.

Before coming up with this idea, I made a detailed research in line with it. I would not impose a harmful practice to the future leaders of our great nation. The resistivity this policy is experiencing is due to lack of detailed information and the fear of misuse of such knowledge by these children. This should not hinder the only chance we have of saving our children and the generations to come from the effects of underage pregnancies.

Sex Education by Trained Professionals

Trained professionals can be charged with the responsibility of educating the youngsters about their sexuality. They should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to help out with the situation before it is too late.  The learning materials used must be learner friendly. Let us remember, ignorance is expensive and knowledge is power.

The current situation show us the negative effect that underage pregnancies cause to individual victims, the child born by an underage mother, the general community and the nation at large. The social disadvantages paused by this gigantic enemy of progress include; postnatal depression to the young mother due to stigmatization, delivery and general health complications due to underdeveloped body organs and dropping out of school. Other effects of underage pregnancies include giving birth to unhealthy children, death at its worst, overburdening the parents, decline of the social status, ruined reputation, poverty, economic deterioration of the nation just to mention but a few.

Overcome the Shame to overcome Underage Pregnancies

During our research, we realized that these pupils feel shame and do not open up to older people. This is mostly due to fear of being judged or even thrown out of the family. They therefore opt to either terminate the pregnancies, which kills some of them; or keep the pregnancies under ugly conditions resulting to either bearing unhealthy kids or even death of the fetus. They try behaving normally when really they need special attention, thus they do not get what they need. With skillfully planned sex education, all these would be dealt with just at a flick of fingertips.

Most of the children in primary schools are ready to learn and use the knowledge. Considering that this is an important mental development stage, feeding them with the right knowledge at their tender ages is the best that we can give them. Come to think of it, most of the resistance is from the older people. Does it mean that they do not want the best for their children? If not so, why then resist such an important implementation? This can cease when we all accept the situation and embrace the solution.

In conclusions, I communicate as a parent. All parents want the best for their children, and this is best. There is no other way that this problem can be solved if not through education. Let us empower them, be close friends with to them, talk sense and realities with them as parents and at the end of all these we shall all applaud merrily at the success our children shall achieve just because we acted right at the most correct time. Let us all think rationally of our children’s future and bring an end to underage pregnancies.

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