Dating on Campus is a Sham, Here’s why…

Life is expensive. When you add a relationship to that equation, it becomes unbearably unaffordable. Don’t get me wrong, to be loved and to love is of great pleasure. But is it worth all the pressure?

There is no bigger charade than the love portrayed in our various campuses. Yes, I know. There are those who met, dated and are now clutching to the ties of matrimony. No doubt that is inspiring to love seekers.

In the past that might have worked perfectly. In this era of millennials and what-nots that is unlikely to happen. The ladies you ogle at will suck you dry (no pun intended) and the men-like creatures you think are into you will impregnate you then scram!

The cycle is simple. You meet on the first days of joining campus or a friend introduces you and click, you are inseparable. Before you know it, one person makes a move (it’s not a man’s responsibility any more),the other coincides with it and boom, you are couple goals on everyone’s Gram.

During the short tenure that the two of you can’t be differentiated as separate entities, the infatuation you call love blooms and you can’t even shower before professing your feelings to the love of your life with ‘I’ll never leave you’ catch phrases.

The guy’s bank account suffers, if he has any because most young people don’t identify with saving, while financing the Queen’s endless wants. Mara babe nibuyie pizza, ice cream, si twende Coasto through SGR..

The girl on the other hand goes through an emotional spiral as she has invested body and soul into their fling. Why is he calling Jennifer while I’m visiting? Am I not enough? Are they sleeping together?┬áThat bitch!

Two, three months after endless social media hype over how they are the best in the coupling world, the girl suddenly notices how the left eye of the boy doesn’t sit very straight on his face. That is chaotic for her reputation. What would her 10k and counting followers think? That she can’t get her a man who is overly handsome?

No way, she will not let that happen. She has to start thinking about the beginning of the end. He got to go.

A day after they have shaken the sack with the fully recognized better half, his wild thoughts confirm his worst fears. Jane is way tighter down there than his beloved. The few encounters they have had when the ‘wife’ was unavailable to fulfill his needs, left him craving for more.

“Jane should be my main. I need to switch things up.”

One morning after their dose of fornication, Miano tells Hajaruku that the messages she has been seeing on his phone are indeed a confirmation of his cheating. Hajaruku had pictured him denying but he had had enough of her goodies.

Without much questioning of how she figured out his complicated pattern to access messages and the string of nudes in his gallery, he throws her out. He has already sent messages to Jane and Jennifer to see who will keep his bed warm.

It was over. She hadn’t even showered to wash out whatever spills he might have ‘accidentally’ made on her body.

Since that was not the way she had planned the break up to go, attacks on social media dominated their interactions for the next few days. Each trying to clear their name for the followers of the relationship.

Hajaruku claimed she had been used for sexual satisfaction. Miano called her names, from being her boo to whore. After a short while, the drama stopped. Their accounts were ‘claeaned’ up. They didn’t make responses to why they broke up to their fans. Soon enough, unfriend and unfollow buttons were clicked.

They are both parading their newest conquests, a clear sign of having moved on. What a waste of time and resources. It’s a circus!

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