Dealing with Indian Perverts…What’s your Story?

I am a victim. Yes, a victim. Maybe you’re not but perhaps your girlfriend is.

I really love Indians especially when I watch NOLLYWOOD MOVIES. At one particular time, I even thought hanging out with Prioncha Chopra would be a nice treat.

Indian men are the type of men I personally call my ninjas. I have never been to Mombasa so don’t expect that I have been to Mumbai.

Now that aside. Have you ever received a text from our brothers in India? Maybe, maybe not.

For me, social media platforms are places where people should interact, exchange ideas, make fun, network and do such great stuff.

But there is this wild culture that has been impregnated to the “Khans”(for most of Indians are called this way), and they want to deliver it to the world.

Accepting a friend request

I am not saying this as a rumor, you can ask for evidence. One early morning I received a friend request from a stranger, for security purposes, let’s just call him Amir Khan. I was so excited to make a friend from that place of the universe-India. Friends are precious stones, I guess your old man told you a year back.

After a few days of knowing each, and of course as a typical Kenyan man, you don’t expect us to talk a lot; but if it were a lady: maybe!

The guy is gay.

We exchanged numbers. Yes, it was really cool. Satan knows how to call his disciples without much effort. The same evening I was taking my “strungi” and plate full of “KDFs”, a message popped on my phone’s screen. You wondering, yes I can see that. I don’t leave my phone anywhere unless am in the swimming pool!

Checking who’s message was it, aaah it was Amar’s. Great! But wait, there was a series of photos the followed that I kept wondering whether this guy was a pornstar or may he was a specialist in enlargement of body organs. Some real dirty staff. Then this caption, “I want video sex with you”.

Hell no! As a real Kenya “kula block brotherman”

That painted another shade to my view of Indian boys, let me not call them men.

Another victim

And just the other day, a long lost friend of mine raised an issue in a Facebook group. She claims that Indians are threatening her stay on Facebook, as they keep on sending nudes to her. Shame on you Indians.

As usual, Kenyans are always loud on social media. Many members claimed to have fallen into such traps. While others made jokes one thing stood out from the rest, that many ladies are affected by this scandal.

I have this for you brothers, Kenyan women have important things to do. Keep your desires wherever you’re. Two, we encourage you to act more movies, stop wasting time. And finally, grab your copy today and share widely.

Have ever been a victim, or am I leaving on my own planet? Leave a comment, let’s fight this as a nation. Great day

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