Debunking the the “Toxic Feminism” Myths

Toxic Feminism

How can one define toxic feminism? Is it even a word? Who came up with it? For what reasons? I guess is what first comes to mind when you saw this heading. You could have come across this word or not but I have, and it has not made me smile in any way.

It is quite a new theme on social media which was invented by some male bloggers who seem to have an issue with women who seem to be empowered. To these people mostly on social media, toxic feminists are women who have careers, speak their mind and of course have no husbands and in case she’s a widow, she definitely killed him.

Some characters who have been constantly attacked on social media are mostly not married and are quite outspoken on social media. I mean, a woman shouldn’t be so smart and successful or hell will break loose if she’s so. She won’t be the woman worthy of marriage because she can’t handle it. She will also not last in the marriage and will soon be divorced.

Toxic FeminismOf course, I am a toxic feminist because it could be that I’m female ugh so typical. Anyway, many times when I read articles about toxic feminists I wonder what their perception of women is. Do these people want to see a woman depending on a man and most probably with a child on her back? Is it how it should be. Because these people who made up toxic feminists always seem to troll women on social media especially when they post about some success they encounter or when they condemn something such as abuse against someone on social media.

So if I am not well educated, I am good at housework and have no ambitions beyond the normal which is a husband and children is what is called being a woman, then I would rather be called an incomplete woman because contrary to popular belief, I don’t want a husband or children as much as I want a career and good money.

A husband is not a priority to me because I am not naturally inclined to take care of someone. I have not yet come to terms with having a human being growing in me and still act weird around expectant women. I will always be pro women rights and will always try to help women be self – aware because just being a woman does not mean I can cook and clean and the only mark of success is a family. I have more that I can give than just that.

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