Diary of A Fresher:An Experience with my Crush on Freshers Night

By Suzanne Tamara Shikali

So it’s my first year in campus (you rolling your eyes) I know right(my turn to roll my eyes).

Dah! It’s only been one month, you say. I haven’t seen much. You are right to some point. I haven’t seen half of what you have seen but I have seen what my Ex-high school mind can take in at the moment. Let me take you through My recent diary

It’s a cold Monday morning in Egerton University Njoro. Accompanied by my mum,shosho, guka, three aunties, an uncle, two brothers, my sister, and two neighbors who wanted to see where ‘mtoto wa kijiji anaenda’ we had booked a whole Nissan. We arrived at exactly 3:00am to avoid missing out on hostels.

Some few people were around. The admission process tiring. My uncles were chewing sugarcane and littering the blocks, the neighbors were singing loud Kikuyu songs from there Nokia c110 phones to speed time. My dad was advicing me so loudly on how I should take care of myself in campus bla bla bla. My mind drifted off to a handsome guy standing behind me in line listening to my fathers advice as if he were the son.

Freshers nightI felt humiliated when the boy smirked at my fathers words of how not to entertain campus guys. Our turn at the admission desk and all I could hear was complaints from my whole family after they were not allowed to go in with me. At last I was alone. The handsome guy was in the office with me. I avoided eye contact. My cheeks were red hot. Then he tapped  my shoulder. ” excuse me you have dropped your letter of offer” he said. I didn’t look behind. I just bent down and picked it up. ”  which course are you taking” he said again.

This time around I managed to look behind “medicine and surgery” I said. ” ooh nice, me too, forgive my manners, my name is Will, William Origo. ” I’m Annette Wangare*” I said blubbering.


After my admission, I went to my room as my family went back home. At last freedom. I could taste it. No I had it. That night I couldn’t sleep. I had my Crush in mind. I couldn’t Wait to see him again, at least we are in the same class.

It’s orientation week. I can’t wait to make new friends and Yes meet my crush again. My roomies are from the city, so I guessed from the way they were dressed in short skirts, knee high boots, make up, Mohawk hairstyle.

“What is that you are wearing?” my roommate asked of my new dress. “No no no.. Come here dear let me dress you.” She picked another short skirt from her suitcase and asked me to   wear. It was too short.. And on top of it she gave me a crop-top. I had a flat belly so it fit me perfectly. I tried to pull it down for it to hide my belly button but it was waaaay on top.

They forced me to wear make up and red lipstick. I looked at the mirror. I looked like a clone from Ibiza. But my roommates thought I looked ‘lit’ – whatever that is. They forced me out of the room before I could pick up a jacket to hide what I thought was nudity. That was the longest day I had seen.. Guys were looking at me. I couldn’t Wait for the day to end. Sadly I didn’t see my crush.

Woke up and wore the dress my roommate had stopped me from wearing the previous day. I looked at the mirror and honestly I thought I looked old-fashioned ( my Ibiza princess). So I had to borrow some clothes from my roommate. What was happening to me!I thanked God I found good roommates. Actually I’m good at making friends.( I know you like me already , Right?)

It’s still orientation. I had already made few friends especially because my roommates thought they were the hottest first year girls in campus and they always dragged me along. To be honest I hadn’t realized I had the looks till I joined “our” crew. Forth year guys who sat at the choma- zone couldn’t stop staring at us as we passed by. Laughing at every guy who passed us or saying “aaawwww” to any handsome guy, rolling our eyes to all girls we thought was a competitor.

I haven’t seen my crush yet.” Why hadn’t he looked for my number? Wasn’t he interested?” I felt bad. Then romours started spreading that on Friday there will be Freshers’ night.

I had heard about that day from the beginning of eternity. That night which my father had consistently warned me about. My friends started getting themselves dates for Friday night. I hadn’t found a guy yet. I told myself that it was God’s plan for me not to go to the ‘evil’ freshers’ night. So I’m walking to the mess to look for food. My mind had drifted off to I don’t know where. I buy a bag of chips and as I’m walking out someone calls my name.

There he is. Will. My crush. I recover from the shock and look at him smiling like a fool. I walk towards his table with my bag of chips held tightly. I looked at his plate of pizza and a glass of fruit juice. I wanted to tell him that the 50/= bag of chips was for a friend of mine but before I could speak he said something.

” I’ve been looking for you since the first day. Are you avoiding me ?” He smirked at his own words.

‘Avoiding you? Why should I ? I’ve been looking for you all the time too , you know I  have a crush on you, you are so handsome….’ I was thinking. I couldn’t say it aloud. I was to proud so I pretended to be surprised.

He continued “Do you have a date for tomorrow? I can take you there if its okay with you?” I wanted to say no to his request.. Remember I was not supposed to go.

“No I don’t have .. ” I said. Saitan! “So that’s a yes? I’ll take you.. Where do you reside? I already have your mobile number I’ll call you.”

Before I could ask where he got my number from.. Some Pretty girls walked in to the mess and waved at him. I felt jealous. No it can’t be. I saw him smile back at them.I wanted to slap his face but I chose to walk away…

That night he texted me. We chat about nothing except getting to know each other. It was not interesting because I saw him flirting with those girls.

FRIDAY: Freshers’ Night.

The whole day I spent with my friends looking for clothes for the night. We even thought Trey Songs will be attending.. Rumors from the know-it-all in school. That night.  Will called. He said he was outside my room. Around 10 we left for the pavilion. The music was so loud. Drunkard’s, lovers, everybody was there. We danced for some time. He was a good dancer. Then something happened.

A random guy pulled me away from him. What happened after that, was Will knocking the guy down. Attention of everybody turned to us. I pulled him away before he kills the other guy. We walked away from the crowd and went to sit at some place. I wanted to ask him why he did that but I saw the ice cream man and I wanted some. Who doesn’t love ice cream. It was getting cold and late I wanted to go back to my room. He took me there. My friends spent the night outside. So it was just us two in the room. He took a rolled pack of what I learnt later was bang . He gave me one. I turned him down. He said it would do me no harm but for the first time in my life I was sure I didn’t want to ever smoke or drink.

He said something under his breathe which I couldn’t make up but I can swear I was nothing good. So he comes close to me. I don’t like the closeness. . Who does he think he is. I’m now getting mad . I stand up and ask him out of my room. “Are you sure you want me out?”

I opened the door,for him to be sure I’m dead serious.

“I’m not as cheap as you want me to be. Yes I might be full of myself but when I say No I mean No”

He walks out cursing. I close the door behind me and I feel proud of myself for being that strong girl. I looked at the Bible my father had given me from home. Tomorrow is Sabbath. Church. I realized what I missed most. Being myself.

I don’t belong to a class.

I will start all over again. Its not late.

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