Mon. May 20th, 2019

Different Types of Students in an Exam Room

Thanks to the political and other shenanigans that characterized 2017, most students are looking to sit for their exams starting this February. There are those who have seriously prepared for the exams, there are those who believe in last minute preparation, then there are those who don’t really give a damn about preparation. Here are some of the different students you will find in an exam room.

The Confident

They probably never missed any lecture and were the first to call the lecturers when they heard on TV that school has resumed. You will see them seated at the front row of the exam room.


The Crammers

These ones wouldn’t even greet you or speak to you on your way to the exam room out of fear of forgetting whatever they crammed overnight. Probably, every finger, piece of clothing or even the handbag they are carrying to the exam room is associated with a formula, a theory or a concept they have crammed. Startle them and they will forget everything!

The Fear Fear

Just minutes to the exam, everyone is seated ready and waiting for the lecturer to bring the paper but the fear fear student is still walking around the exam room asking about what other students think the lecturer will set. The fear fear ladies are always worried about what the exams will be about. If you happen to talk to them, you might even become more anxious!


The Clueless

What time is the exam? Are there handouts? Did the lecturer dictate any notes? In which hall will the exam be?….In fact, what exam are we revising for? This guy does not have any clue about whatever exam you are seating for next. Get them at the student center photocopying notes a day to the exam.

The Lord is my Shepherd

Ever wondered why Sunday service across campus is always full of brethren and sisters during exam time? Well, it is because of these comrades who believe in the power of the Messiah during exams. They will lead the class in prayer just before every exam… In fact, if you check them keenly, you will see that they pray before answering every question.


First, they pretended to help the class rep collect the assignments because they wanted to copy the assignments of the best performers. Then they will seat strategically behind the confident guys. They have binocular’s like eyes with the ability to zoom in to other people’s answer sheets and copying their answers. Make a mistake and you will throw them off-guard.



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