Disappointments as Capital FM Picks Anita Nderu to host ‘Hits Not Homework’

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) were on Saturday morning shocked on learning that former Teen Republik host Anita Nderu will be replacing Amina Abdi as the new host for Capital FM’s Hits, not Homework show.

Amina Abdi quit Capital to join Nation Media Group as the new host for The Trend after Larry Madowo quit the show to concentrate on hosting the midweek political talk show Sidebar.

However, Kenyans on Twitter are much appalled by Capital’s choice of Anita Nderu considering that the media house had called for auditions from whose winner was expected to host the show that usually airs in the evening from Monday through Friday.

To make matters worse, Anita Nderu was one of the judges during the auditions that saw six people reach the finals.

The fate of the six finalists is now not known after Capital pulled down the page that was updated on the progress of the competitors from their website.

Here is a sample of reactions from KOT:

“Lmao, so wait. I love Anita Nderu to death, but lol. Why did they ask people to audition if they knew damn well that the position was already taken. And wasn’t she there like a “mentor/observer” or something?” one Tweep said.

“Lol so tulienda hizo auditions za capital alafu mnapea Anita Nderu ” posted another

“Someone explain to me why Capital FM Had people audition, pretty sure Anita Nderu was a judge during these auditions, only for them to give her the job. ” posted yet another.

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