Do’s and Don’ts During Exams Period

Exams Period

The exams period is finally here for some colleges while others are yet to start. We have complied some do’s and don’ts that you can look out for during this period.

Here are the things that you need to do while sitting for your exams.

Take Breaks

During the exam period, it is necessary to take a break after long hours of revising your exams. Breaks are to improve your mental health and help you to remember the content that you have been reading.

Have a Good Sleep Pattern

Sleeping too late into the night does not really help because you will have to wake up early and remember what you read. With such a schedule, you are highly likely to dose off during your exams! So get yourself a good sleeping pattern and a good routine to follow every day. Exams are important, but 6 hours of sleep every day are more important!


All study and no play makes Jane a dull girl…or does it? Playing sport helps in reviving your memory and refreshing your body, making it ready for the next activity. Exercise is therefore recommended during this exams period.

Eat Well and Regularly

Eating well and eating regularly is also healthy for your brain cells. During the exam period, you need as much energy as you can get because you will be using a lot of mental energy to think. Avoid depending on snacks but carry some healthy snacks in your bag just in case.

Work in a Group

It is advisable to work in a group so that you can be able to get another person’s idea and point of thinking. This helps to gain new ideas. Additionally, people in a group are able to work together and you also understand better.

Reduce your time on Social Media.

Social media can be a very big distraction, therefore, during the exam period it is advisable to shut it off or reduce your usage to concentrate and maintain your focus. You can train yourself to only access social media before you dose off at night ….only access social media to read The Campus Lady Magazine during exams period.

Now that you know everything you need to do during exams period, here are some things that you need not to do during this sensitive and important period of your academic life.

Last Minute Preparations.

Last minute preparations are not known for working very well in the exam period. Therefore, revise earlier or during tuition weeks to avoid the last minute rush.

Stop Mugging and Start Learning

Many students are relaxed at the beginning of their semesters, just wasting time and not attending lectures which they just take for granted. It’s time you concentrate on what took you to college and learn, in the end you will avoid exam tensions and the last minute rushes when exams come.

Late Night Study never helps

If you haven’t been attending classes and revising on your own, late night study can never help when it comes to exams revision the previous night before exams. This will be a disadvantage because you will wake up tired and fatigued, and you will not concentrate on the exam. You need the 6 – 8 hours of sleep!

Avoid noisy places.

During exams period, avoid sitting around noisy people or places to maintain focus and increase concentration.

Avoid trying to be perfect.

Humble yourself, read and grasp all the concepts that you are taught. Most importantly, attend lectures and do assignments. You cannot revise for an exam one or two weeks before the actual date and succeed.

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