DP Ruto: Useless University Degree Courses to the Economy

DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has come out guns blazing against two university degree courses that he termed as useless to the Kenyan economy. DP Ruto was speaking during the launch of a TVET Competency Based Educational and Training Framework.

At the event, Ruto said there was a need to encourage students to take technical and vocational courses that are badly needed in the Kenyan economy.

He lashed out at parents who are impressing on their children to pursue law, engineering and medicine.

“There are over 1,000 students learning sociology and anthropology, but if you look at the requirements of the industry, how many anthropologists or sociologists do we need?” DP Ruto posed.

“We end up with graduates many of whom cannot be placed in a proper job environment,” he added in an attempt to garner support for technical courses.

He also mentioned history and geography as some courses which should not be given much preference by students.

“I was a very good student of history myself, but while it is okay for historians to tell us how Vasco Da Gama came, went somewhere and discovered this, he died. We need the gentleman or the lady who will fix our sewerage system or electricity when something is wrong,” DP Ruto added.

The blackout that was experienced at the venue when the Deputy President was giving his speech seemed to have influenced his remarks even more.

Incidentally, the launch which was held at Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC), happened on the same day that Ruto defended his PhD thesis at the University of Nairobi.

True to his call for focus on sciences and technical courses, the DP area of study was impact of human activity on riparian land under the title: Influence of Anthropogenic Activities on Land Use/Cover Changes and Environmental Quality of Saiwa Wetland Watershed, Western Kenya.

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