DR KAGWE: Red flags your sweetheart could turn murderous

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Dr Margaret Kagwe, a counselling psychologist and senior consultant at Esteem Counselling Services, helps us get into the mind of a potential spouse killer.

  1. Verbal threats

Never ignore or try to justify death threats from your significant other. It could only be a matter of time before they actualise their threats. To be on the safe side, always take such threats seriously.

  1. Loss of meaning in life

When a spouse who enjoyed living and was active in his daily activities no longer finds meaning in life, it could be a bad sign as he is unlikely to value yours either.

  1. Are they disturbed?

If he or she is disturbed and rejects help or the desire to talk about his worries then it could be a time bomb.

  1. Bizarre activities

If you see unusual activities or any purchases that may indicate preparation for such an act, it’s time to act very fast. If for instance he buys weapons or poisons without any justification, it might be time to run.

  1. Drug abuse

If your spouse begins to abuse drugs and suddenly becomes aggressive, he can easily commit murder even without a plan for instance when he is under a hallucinogenic episode.

  1. Sudden interest in horror movies

Another sign is what they take interest in; for instance, they may suddenly begin watching horror movies and fantasise about killing or dying.

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  1. Self-harm

If they start doing things that harm themselves, it could indicate they are troubled as self-harm is also a red flag.

  1. Extreme jealousy

If your spouse is the jealous type and keeps accusing you and saying no one else can have you, he could ensure you are dead before you leave.

  1. Reverse psychology

He may also accuse you of planning to kill him to disorient you or to gauge your reaction.

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  1. Hasty decisions

If you are having a rocky affair and he suddenly decides to take life insurance for both of you, think twice.

  1. Look out for any unexplained occurrences that may have fatally harmed you had they succeeded, for example fires and accidents where he was closely involved. They may have been set ups rather than accidents.

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