The Campus Lady Magazine welcomes article pitches from campus and college women who wish to share their experiences, beauty and fashion hacks, success stories, campus struggles and aspirations.

Style & Career Writer

Style and career writers cover style trends, gaining career insight and experience, and everything in-between, all through a college student lens. If you know how to pull off a look for less, love to learn about top internship opportunities, or have an interest in how to dress for a job interview, this position is for you. We also encourage you to apply if you are a style Instagram blogger who has a pulse on trends and a passion for discovering the latest brands.

Beauty & Wellness Writer

If you have a shelf overflowing with skincare, or if you know how to balance self-care with finals week stress, then we want to work with you! Writers cover industry trends and products, but mainly create service-oriented pieces surrounding the unique beauty and wellness moments that students experience in college. Face masks, Huddah Cosmetics, Sephora sales, brow shaping, nail art, morning rituals, mental health, yoga, vitamins — the sky’s the limit here for beauty and wellness obsessives.

Lifestyle & Inspiration Writer

Lifestyle writers cover everything current in the lifestyle space for college women, and they serve as experts on college-related life advice for high school students. This position is the perfect opportunity for lifestyle writers who wanna talk everything fun, weird and clicky, and keep the rest of us in the know. We’re particularly on the look-out for people passionate about college life, food and travel— so let us know if that’s you when you apply.

Sex & Relationships Writer

Sex and relationships writers are experts in the college dating scene — and they’re the person you rely on when it comes to navigating first-time sex, hookups, LDRs, dating apps, ghosting, breakups, birth control, and more. We’re looking for voicey writers excited to dig in deeper to sex and dating, who are also comfortable with topics surrounding sexuality, gender, and identity.

Culture Writer

If you’re passionate about campus protests, the latest update to Instagram, binge-watching, Viusasa, Netflix, or whatever wild meme that’s taking over the Internet, write about it here. This position is an excellent opportunity for news and entertainment junkie students who want to develop their writing skills while keeping college women up-to-date on the world.​​

Jobs & Internships Writer 

This focuses on life after college covering all things post-grad life. We’re looking for writers excited to talk about adulting, first job, internships, first salary, savings, first apartments, office culture, real-world relationships, and the big moments that happen once you graduate.

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