Egerton and KU to face off in #CampusBattleKE Finals

Twitter University Championship

The finals of the inaugural TCLM 2019 Twitter University Championship is already here with us. This follows a rigorous Twitter battle that started with 62 public and private universities. Egerton University and Kenyatta University have advanced through the stages and remain the two hopefuls to clinch the top position in the Championship.

Egerton University advanced through the stages beating Adventist University of Africa, KAG East University and Kiriri Women University of Science and Technology in Group A at the group stages. In the second round, Egerton University easy saw off competition from Kiriri Women University of Science and Technology. At this stage, both Karatina University and Kisii university fell flat getting 0% of the votes.

Kenyatta university on the other hand easily cruised through Group G garnering 71% of the votes. This was at the expense of Chuka University, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology and Machakos University. In Round 2 of the competition, Kenyatta University saw off the Catholic University of East Africa, Chuka University and Kenya Methodist University to progress to the quarter finals.

The Quarter Finals

At the quarter finals stage, Egerton University saw off a stiff competition from KCA University. At this stage, the university garnered 67% of the votes against KCA’s 33% to proceed to the Semi Finals.

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On the other hand, Kenyatta University saw off competition from Daystar University at the quarter finals. At this stage, KU garnered 75% of the votes against Daystar University’s 25%.

The semi finals of the #CampusBattleKE was a battle of titans with Egerton facing off with the University of Nairobi. Kenyatta University on the other hand saw off Pwani University at the semi finals. Egerton University came out on top with 67% while Kenyatta University humiliated Pwani University getting 100% of the vote.

An earlier poll conducted by Campus Mag had indicated University of Nairobi to be the favorites to win. However, with the exit of the University of Nairobi from the competition, Kenyatta University remains the favorites to win the inaugural TCLM Twitter University Championship.

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