Egerton University announces reporting dates for first years, continuing students

Egerton University

Egerton university has announced the reporting dates for its 2018 class of first years as well as continuing students.

In a memo seen by The Campus Lady Magazine, the reporting dates affect students at the institution’s Njoro, Nakuru and Nairobi campuses.

First Year Students joining Egerton University, Njoro Campus this year are expected to report on Monday 3rd September 2018.

The students will have one week for orientation before commencing their lectures for the 13-week semester.

First Year students joining the Nakuru Town and Nairobi Campuses of Egerton University are expected to report on 24th September and 15th October respectively.

They will also have a one-week orientation period before starting on their lectures for 10 and 11 weeks respectively.

Continuing students at Egerton University to report after first years

Continuing students in their various years’ of study at Egerton University, Njoro campus are expected to report on Monday 29th October 2018

The students will have 8 weeks attending lectures before breaking for December holidays and returning for 5 more weeks of the semester.

Continuing students in Nairobi and Nakuru Town campuses are to report on 22nd October and 12th October 2018 respectively.

Two Months for Freshers alone on campus

Under this new system, first year students will have over one months alone on campus before being joined by continuing students.

This is an exit from previous organisation where Freshmen only had one week before continuing students resumed their studies.

The university has also published orientation program for the First Year Students.

Click here to read the orientation program for the first year students at Egerton university.

Egerton university is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the country.

The institution has appeared in the top 5 universities in Kenya for several years.

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