Egerton University Graduation List and Important Resources

Life after graduation is usually unpredictable. Are you going to look for a job? Will you be looking to get into self-employment? Whatever the road you take, you have to make a decision on your future life. Read more HERE

Perfect Gifts for Her

Your girlfriend is graduating this July? Well, you can surprise her with an amazing graduation list. Gents it is the small things that matter. Make sure that you get the gift right. Whether it is a flower, a hand bag, a pouch, or even a lingerie if you are naughty and bold enough, you have to get it right! Here are some tips to get you going with selecting the PERFECT GIFT FOR HER

FULL Egerton University Graduation List

Are you worried that you might not be on the 42nd Egerton University Graduation List? Or are you just here to check if your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or relative made it to the list? Well, you can get the full Egerton University Gradation List HERE.

Perfect Gifts for Him

Is your boyfriend graduating this July? Well, you can also get him a gift and surprise him. I know, your being their is enough but if you throw in a wallet, he will be beaming with smiles. Plus, I’m sure you would like him to put his first salary after campus in a wallet you bought him…right? Well, here are some ideas to get him the PERFECT GIFT on his graduation.

Egerton University Virtual Graduation

Remember, this year’s Egerton University Graduation will not require you to visit the school. So, do not start preparing to travel to Njoro. You might just expose yourself to COVID-19 for nothing. Egerton University plans to hold this year’s graduation virtually. READ HERE to find out more details on the virtual graduation.

How to get your first job

Even with COVID-19, we have to secure the bag after graduation, right? Well, you need to get yourself for the job market. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the job market after graduation. Remember that your dream job is somewhere lying in wait for you. All you have to do is reach out and grab it….and I believe THESE TIPS are all you need to do that!

No job after graduation? Don’t Worry

So, you have graduated but do not have a job? Now What? Read HERE to find out what you need to do now!

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Landing your first job after campus is often the biggest hurdle you will ever cross. You need a hand to guide you through it all. We love to guide you through campus to your first job. That is why we have put together some tips that will help you LAND YOUR FIRST JOB after Campus.

Tips to Ace your Internship

Are you looking to go for internship after your graduation? Well, you need to ace your internship in order to be ready for the job market. Remember that your chances of being retained at your place of internship largely depends on your performance during the internship. That is why we are sharing with you these tips to help you ace your internship and probably get you retained at your place of internship for a permanent job! READ MORE HERE.

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