Elizabeth Marami: Kenya’s Queen of the Sea

Elizabeth Marami First Marine Pilot

As MPs debate on enacting the two thirds gender rule to increase the number of women in Parliament, women across the country are showing energy towards what they do and have passion in.

With or without the gender parity rule they still strive to do their best in what they do and soon will outnumber men.

Proof that women are committed to erase the mentality that certain jobs are meant for men and that they are the majority in those jobs was seen on Jeff Koinange Live.

At only 27 years, Elizabeth Marami, guest on Jeff Koinange’s prime-time show was already charting the path less traveled and breaking gender barriers that have been in place for so long.

Her courage would see her swim away from the waters of comfort to take up a comprehensive and challenging course in navigation and become a marine pilot.

Intimidating and authoritative would be the ideal requirements for her job. However, Elizabeth has a warm personality, petite physique and is soft spoken for a person whose main duty is to command and take lead.

A hard working lady, Elizabeth Marami, an inspiration to Kenyan women studied Nautical Technology and she is the first Kenyan woman to become a marine pilot, a male dominated area.

These are the reasons that makes Elizabeth Marami an Inspirational.

For those who think they are not worth doing what they love because “it’s difficult”, Ms Marami said “I didn’t want to be ordinary. I wanted to pursue something that would challenge me”

So when she heard about a scholarship, she could not resist the temptation to apply. The scholarship would have her leave Kenya for Alexandria, Egypt to study navigation.

The selection process was very competitive but she managed to get a scholarship and pursue nautical technology because she had set her mind to it and was ready to do what it takes to get what she wants.

Liz said that when she was young, she dreamt of becoming a lawyer but ended up being a marine pilot. This tells us not to lose hope in making the future bright just because we cannot have an opportunity study what we have always wanted to. We can still jump to other careers, excel in them and act as inspiration to others.

She added that her parents gave all the basic needs but allowed an opportunity for them to work for the secondary needs.

She sold Mitumba clothes and knew that dreams are achieved through hard work. The struggle made her tough to study nautical technology among men and rise to be a marine pilot.

I once asked a lady called Elizabeth what her name means and she said it means “Queen.” Now I know it truly is. Elizabeth Marami is a Queen. She is the Queen of the sea, just like Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom is the Queen of England.

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