EXAM FEVERS: Who Invented Examinations?

I hate to say this, but I think exams at times destroy the thinking capacity of those examinees. As much as it helps them recall what they learned a few weeks back, it still makes us feel not book equipped with these questions.

In high school, we were tested with openers, cats, mocks and the final exams! I hated every part of high school. It’s not that I didn’t study but staring at papers and writing your names is the disgusting part. Picture this; you closed school in late October until early January hujashika kitabu, kazi ilikua kuamka, kula na kulala then these so-called teachers sat down with all their energy and set questions huradi!

I wonder who came up with the idea of openers? Not openers just any papers which are to make you sweat throughout the 2hr-sessions. Up to now, it pains me, I sit down with my half stupidity to try one or two questions while an idiot somewhere is printing fake result slips; certificates to gain respect either politically or financially; or hire someone to do your exams you pass certifiably not with your own brains.

Campus ladies and gentlemen say hi if you are doing exams knowing too well that you have attended class once or never.

Well, the strike is on, I still don’t know why ours hawako strike and it is a public university. Maybe I am still trying to understand. Some may say am a joker but there are units I am running from, but they still catch up with me anyway but thank God our school is operating.

Exam fever has started and I have attended 20% of the classes. If I copy would you blame me? If I paid someone to do that exam for me would you crucify me? If I failed the exams would you help me do supplementary?

Now am starting to understand why people prefer using their skills and talent to earn cash, its life. A lot has happened in this few months, harassment of students, closure of the school, election, and re-election and finally strike. With all these, learning has been destructed in most campuses countrywide and jobs too are demanding.

The consequences of these calamities are hard to be dwelt with.

  • High level of dropout from schools
  • High demand of white collar jobs
  • Low thinking capacity and knowledge
  • High dependence rate from a 25 yr to a 67 yr old
  • High crime rate and slum population
  • Drop of economy development

Focus on your books, note down your goals, don’t wait for the lecturer, research and do your own study, life is too short to regret and worry about the past.

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