Excuses you can use to Avoid Men in your Life

How to Avoid Men

So there’s this lad texting you from dusk till dawn, professing his undying love and nagging you to take things to the next level. The only problem is, you’re just not that into him.

It may be because someone else already won you over, or he doesn’t possess the qualities you’re looking for. Everyone has been in this quagmire and if you are looking for sure-fire ways to turn down the interested party without sounding like a cold-hearted being, then these excuses might help.

I have a guy/ I’m seeing someone.

I only see you as a brother/friend.

We’re too different.

I can’t date guys shorter than me.

You’re too young for me.

I’m currently too busy for a relationship.

You’re not my type.

I’m not over my ex.

There are some unwonted and witty reasons like :

You resemble my brother/ father too much.

I’m a lesbian.

However, when it’s all said and done, cutting to the chase and coming clean is the best way to go. Some guys may think that you are playing hard to get and this will only increase their determination in pursuing you.

So if you don’t reciprocate a guy’s feelings, just man up and say it. There’s no way to lessen the blow of unrequited love, but the truth does set one free.

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