Fri. Dec 14th, 2018

EXPOSED: How Lecturers prey on University Students for Degrees

As Kenyatta University and Mount Kenya University hold their graduation ceremonies today, many are the female students who have missed out on the graduation list for standing their ground and refusing to be preyed on by their lecturers.

Equally, many are they that decided to sacrifice their dignity to secure a place on the respective graduation lists.

Female university students have to deal with twice as much as their male counterparts in their pursuit of higher education in Kenya.

Lecturers are turning out to be a major threat to the survival of female students in Kenyan campuses.

According to sources, lecturers have a wide range of tactics they use to lure female students to their sexual advances.
What may seem as a simple case of a missing mark may in fact be a pre-meditated and well thought-out plan by the lecturer to get into the pants of the female students.
News about missing marks don’t go down well with any serious student since a single missing mark can shelve one’s graduation ambition for as long as it takes.

A follow up on a missing mark lands desperate female students with a lecturer’s demand for sex in exchange for a grade. Other students are in fact unfairly awarded re-sits by lecturers as bait such that when they go begging to get a better grade, they are asked for sexual favours in exchange.

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