Fantasy Sex in Exchange for a Fat Wallet is becoming Commonplace

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I will call it a fair or 50/50 game. Both men and women are to blame; none is better than the other. While men see women as sex objects; women have side-lined the tag and look up for men to sustain their lifestyles and a shortcut towards success.

Life has changed and so has love. For a man, nothing can say ‘I love you’ like a woman who’s good in bed and no handsome man is like a loaded one in woman’s eye. Fantasy sex in exchange of fat wallet!

A woman gets wet for a loaded guy and a man hard for a curvaceous woman. Be my bank I be your sex object and vice versa.

Someone said and I quote ‘men are horn dogs from Mars women are gold diggers from Venus.’ I am in full agreement that women and men come from different planets, they are born by different mothers too! Love is a matter of soul or so we think but that’s a long gone narrative misplaced by sex and dollars.

In previous years men were known to provide and protect their families while women were meant to give birth and raise kids. Dare a modern career woman to birth more than two children that will be the end of a starting relationship or marriage. No woman has time to give birth, lactate and raise children her entire life. This is said to be passed by time comparing to the new life we’ve adopted.

Money attracts and motivates women stirring into action of love while the man urges to desire the action compliments the energy.

A rich man can have the entire pretty women as long as he’s able to maintain them.

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