FASHION: A Diva’s Guide to the Perfect All-black Look

By Audrey Awuor

Nobody missed the all-white craze… you had to be living in a different planet to miss that. But things ended rather tragically for the all-white sensation, especially after it was made the theme of almost all ratchet campus parties (oops), and then it was not as cool. The good news is that nobody is going to obliterate the good fashion resume of the all-black look because black can’t just allow that.

The bad thing (which is also a good thing in this case) about the all-black outfit is that it is not for everyone. This trend is choosy, it is a snob. However, here are a few things you need to know so you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of all-black.

Model: Sharon Otieno
  • All-black is not for everyone

The earlier you accept that the better. You can wake up one morning and throw on all the white clothes you own and call it an all-white day, but you cannot pull that stunt with all-black. All-black needs careful planning, and what you admired on another person may not look as good on you.

  • Not everything black goes

In order to achieve a perfect all-black look, play around with different textures, fabrics, cuts and silhouettes. Black is powerful but it can be really boring if you do not play around with it. Pair up different cotton, fur, mesh, spanx, leather, woolen, denim pieces for an interesting all-black look. Mix up different patterns

Model: Sharon Otienot patterns too.


  • Accessorize

If you ever needed an excuse to splurge on accessories here’s one. Trust me, your all-black outfit will thank me for you because it needs all the accessories it can get. Black paired with gold accessories looks especially timeless and classy.

  • Black has its limits

Just because we are going all-black let us not feel justified to paint your nails, lips and eyelids black and spoil the good name of the all-black trend. We are just good girls trying to slay and stay on the grind, and creating a cult of gothic community escapees is not part of the plan, feel me?


Model: Sharon Otieno


  • Confidence

Here’s one guide that can never miss on my

list. Wear black with the attitude it deserves. Do not worry if people do not initially get it because, really, how is it fashion if everyone understands and likes it?

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