Fashionable outfits to rock with your slim figure

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Campus is full of all types of ladies in different shapes and figures donning different fashionable outfits forming the epitome of beauty. We have those endowed with large frames while others have smaller frames. However, regardless of your shape and figure, it is always good to feel safe, happy and beautiful in your skin.

Among the many shapes and figures of campus ladies are the naturally slim and slender lasses. These ladies often always experience difficulty while choosing the best outfit for the day.

However, settling on your outfit for the day should not be an algebraic equation for you to struggle with! It should be an easy task taking the least amount of time possible. Here are some fashionable outfits to rock on your slim body as a campus lady:

Pencil Skirt for Slender GirlsPencil Skirts and Dresses

These skirts and dresses will never let you down as they accentuate your attractive curves. With the best choice of colour combinations, pencil skirts and dresses will give you the best look to rock on your slender body.

Striped pencil dresses and skirts are always an added advantage. You should, therefore, consider these clothes when you are slender.

Crop top for Slender GirlsCrop tops

Since it might be challenging to tell where your waist ends when you are skinny, crop tops will show the attractive waist and spice up your looks.

If you are slender and petite, then go for a crop top with lifted hem at the center to give the illusion of longer legs. Remember to pair your crop top with high waist straight pants to give the illusion of length. You should also opt for same colored shoes which are pointy to add more length to your look.

If you are long and lean, opt for a crop top that ends at your natural waist and a bottom whose waist ends a little lower. showing 3-4 inches of your sexy waist will flatter your already slender frame. A midi length skirt that falls right below the knee is equally a great fashionable choice.


A ring on your navel is also an added advantage.

Belt or Slender GirlsTying a Belt

This is another secret that some of the slender female comrades can use to look curvy.Wearing a belt at the natural waist is a great way to create a curvier appearance. This is especially when putting on a long buggy dress.

The belt will highlight your small waist and make your chest and hip areas appear fuller by comparison. Through emphasizing on your tinny waist, the belt will also build up a shape on your slim body. Skinny belts work best to minimize the waistline and create an hourglass shape.

Illusion Dresses

Illusion dresses are usually a light or bright color in the front and darker colors on the sides. These color scheme is often referred to as color blocking. The dark panels of color on the sides will draw the eye in toward the middle and help create the look of an hourglass.

You can also wear horizontal stripes on the top half to give your body added curves. Avoid wearing a lot of black as it can make you look slimmer than you are. Clothing with structure and a peplum top or dress can help give the illusion of a fuller and fashionable figure.

Tuck-in shirts

Putting on skinny jeans with a tuck-in shirt will give you a fabulous look on your unusually slender body.

The tucking looks super nice when you have a thin waist compared to your hips. If you have an allover round belly (apple shape) or if you are a square shape, tucking in with high waistline will do you justice. This is because tucking in emphasizes your waistline.

Buggy tops will not go well with you and you should, therefore, avoid them unless you want to appear as if you are walking in a tent.

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