Female Genital Mutilation Still Being Practiced Secretly

Female Genital Mutilation

Last year news was all over about the Kuria community practicing Female Genital Mutilation.

Yesterday I watched a documentary on a local television dabbed ‘mulika. It was so disturbing watching those little girls narrating their painful experience. It is said that this practice is taking place in Nyandarua County and sad enough it’s where I come from. My home county!

It happens when it’s dark at night behind closed doors. A time those practices cannot be suspected making it easy for the said village doctors. Some communities believe that girl’s circumcision reduces sexual urges since they are forced to marry old men as second or third wives.

Girls’ circumcision is a threatening procedure that can cause death due to excessive bleeding.

I couldn’t control my emotions. I helplessly watched the young girls narrate their ordeal and felt too sorry for them. One it’s not something they had a clue of what it was. They said their mother told them to get ready for a tour and as a matter of fact, they followed the orders.

One girl said it was around 3 pm when they took off. The mother took them to an old woman’s house and left them where they were threatened to be beaten if they failed to concentrate.

They were left with no option other than obeying. All they saw were scissors, sharpeners and razor blades. You know not how shocking it is for a woman after seeing such sharp objects. It’s a life threat. I can only imagine how traumatic and frightening it can be.

The area chief said to have known the said woman for long and she has been doing it for a very long time though they had no idea the practice is still being carried out.

The said girls were later taken to Ol-Kalau hospital for medication and improved treatment. They are still undergoing check-ups though the nurse said their private parts were destroyed but they are in good condition.

It’s a bad practice passed by time and should be condemned by all means available. We can’t stand seeing our girl’s rights abused in the name of traditional behaviors said to be rites of passage.

I beg to know to whom does it concern or benefit circumcising a minor in the name of making her a full woman in order to be accepted by the society. As if that is not enough force her into an old man.

What sense does it make cutting a young woman’s dreams? Making her mother when she is a child herself? It hurts! Knowing this illegal practice still takes place in many parts of the country.

In this day and age, FGM is powerless and a thing of the past.

Stand the gap, advocate against girl child circumcision!

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