Feminists are not Unhappy Women but Gender Equality Advocates

Kenyan Feminists

Feminism is the advocacy of women rights and a feminist is a person who fights for gender equality.

But this might not be the case in today’s society. A feminist is seen as a person against the male species. He or she is seen as a person who fights for male inequality.

It is worse if the feminist is a woman because today’s society sees her as a woman who is unhappy because of lack of a boyfriend or a husband.

A feminist is seen as a woman who doesn’t qualify to be someone’s wife. She is seen as that woman who will file for divorce a year after her marriage.

But to me, this is not the case. A feminist is a person who tries to bring equality between the two genders without suppressing the male species.

People think that woman rights have been fought for enough now but to me, this is not the case. Look at the increasing rape cases among ourselves.

And do you know who gets hurt at the end? The woman. The woman who is defiled and her dignity taken by a man. The woman who the society will blame her dress code to cover this animal act. The woman who will contract a disease or unwanted abortion.

Is this what we call equity? Today’s society has sexualized the girl body and dictated her dress code. Do you think wearing that sexy short dress is the issue? No, it is not. The way the society sexualized the girl’s body and view her as a sex tool is the problem.

The wage difference is still alarming. They say the male child has more responsibilities and more expectations so they are paid more. They forget that women also got bills to pay and expectations to meet.

They believe that women rights have been fought for a long time but they don’t know that women are more vulnerable and profound to abuse no matter their age. And this is what feminism is all about. Fighting for women rights, ensuring that the girl child is shielded from abuse. Not to fight the boy child. Not because feminists are unhappy women.

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