Find out what Drives Campus Ladies to do Online Marketing

You can’t imagine how many times those people have invited me for ‘interviews’ and orientation thinking it was a real hustle as we call it. The names are International! Earn 5000 -70000 weekly, wow!

I had always believed it was a job until I was accidentally invited to three of them in a row. For those of us who are planning to join it, App me I connect you within seconds, remember I am just marketing it.

What is online marketing? On my part, I can say advertising, educating and selling of different products online. Simple, I know I can do better. Many of us, on one or numerous occasions, have found ourselves in these orientations or are also inviting people to these events.

Let me tell you how you find yourself there. Just as you are reading this, there is someone who is also using the internet to benefit him/herself. Advertise a job, for example,

“A new company in town is urgently looking for promoters and event organizers EARN 7000 – 50000 weekly and daily bonuses. If interested call or whatsapp me on 0712******* for more details.”

Without any delay, you cram the number inbox the person and get invited to the interview. Invest in the product, taste it then start marketing it to sick people. The part of investing kills the morale to start the business, but if you have the money you can help yourself with the product.

Am not saying you shouldn’t invest, no! Not everybody is working or earning a stable income, some of us are students and earning that small investment as a salary won’t be bad as a job. That’s the challenge we face as campus students, graduates, form four leavers or class eight, name them.

Since online marketers often don’t ask for experience, it is an easy avenue to earn

Investment is not bad but our pockets and our current status are the worst for some. In the current employment situation, employers don’t trust afresh mind from campus to handle accounts, finance, and human resource or even engineering. Their qualifications are scary and disappointing, considering the fact that the person has even done masters or degree. Some of the qualification for the HR can be;


Degree in business administration/human resource or any other business related field.[diploma is all you qualified for in campus

Five years experience[ you just finished a two month attachment]

Where do we get experience if you can’t trust us with your finances? Where will degree come in if I am knowledgeable sir?But all the same, if you put your mind to something and pray to God for guidance you will never fail, humble yourself and God will lift you up.

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