First date etiquette for campus ladies

First Date Etiquette
When your man takes you out on a lunch or dinner date, there are some etiquette related issues that you should consider as a lady.
Many men have been complaining that our behaviors during a date are wanting. We definitely need to up our game so that we can get a second date and more, that leads to courtship and marriage someday in the future.
Here are some dating etiquette tips that I believe will come in handy on your date.

1. Do Not Use your Phone on a Date

This is the first thing that pisses off the men when out on a date. If possible, you should switch off your mobile phone or have it on silent mode. This will reduce distractions and also give you an opportunity to learn much about each other.
So ladies please stop using your phones during dates. If it is an emergency phone call, excuse yourself. Avoid staying on your phone for long, because you had it planned out for the day that you will be out. Please take note of that.

2.Dress Appropriately

This goes to the ladies who just dress for the sake of dressing. Men love to show off their ladies and they feel good when you are properly dressed. Do not wear something too revealing and do not overdress at the same time. A long dress for a first dinner date is advisable too.
Apply minimal make up, do not go there looking like a clown. No offense, but a lot of make up puts off guys. Carry something warm too just in case you stay there late. It shows that you care about yourself too, which is a turn on for many men.


Ladies,ladies,ladies; etiquette is a must.
How you relate with people will determine if you get a second date from a man of your dreams. You should behave well, treat people well especially waiters during the date because that says a lot about you.
Do not show off that you can talk back with foul words so that a person gets to do what you want. Doing that is a complete turn off, and you have lost a second date with a good guy. He may not show it immediately but the moment he drops you off, he will not think twice about deleting or even blocking your number.

4.Be a Good Listener.

During a date, listen more, talk less.
Listen to the man, take time to know the guy, his behaviors, the way he sees things, try to know him better. This makes the man see that you are interested in him too. And the possibilities of being asked out for another date is high.
Do not talk much about yourself, ask some questions too and not too personal questions, only appropriate questions.

5. Order something that you are used to eating.

Here comes another major problem. Ladies, when you are told to order something off the menu, order something that you are able to eat. Avoid ordering those things that you see in adverts because you might end up embarrassing yourself.
Be as natural as you can be, to avoid awkward moments during eating. Observe table etiquette, do not eat too fast or too slow…try to maintain your date’s pace Also do not speak while you haven’t swallowed your food, its a TURN OFF. Make sure you do not come off as greedy,it really pisses men off.

6. Lastly, Carry cash for emergencies.

Emergencies come up during the dates and they might have been unplanned for. Your date might turn out to be a sex pest, or he might not have the cash to pay for what you ordered.
So it is advisable for a lady to carry some money just in case something happens and she needs to use it. It shows that you are always prepared for anything. This also shows that you are independent,and men love independent women.
Most importantly; ladies do not forget to communicate your standards.