Five Reasons why Ladies want to Settle Early

The word ‘settle’ makes a chill run down my spine and I know that I am not alone in this. However, the thought of settling sounds permanent for moving out from Mama’s house and is unavoidable. The topic though ditched by most men, women on the other hand always find joy in planning and talking about the future tense

Though avoided by most men, women always find joy in planning and talking about the future tense to the extent of not sparing this topic on a first date. You know what they say if he doesn’t mention settle, he is not the one for you.

The Creeping Menopause

With menopause creeping in at the mid to late 40’s in women, being in the 20’s is definitely the time to ignite the fire, and plan effectively before the 30’s which would majorly be an act towards being desperate and fear that life is short. This would with no shadow of doubt lead to a whole world of I wish I knew kind of statements.

Women Mature Faster

Biologically women mature faster than men. The thought of aging in women is characterized by wrinkles, retarded memory, fading beauty and losing taste in fashion among other inexplicable. This is definitely not exactly what a lady wants to experience without giving rise to children besides “him”.

It’s a Rite of Passage

Crossing this bridge is a completion to the rite of passage culturally tied to us marked by marriage. What next after graduation? The question asked by parents which exert cultural expectations to be fulfilled especially for women whose settling is anticipated.

Feeling Left out by Peers

Peers may also make you feel left out. When your crowd moves at another phase, loneliness will dawn. No one wants to be left out, and no lady finds joy in being the odd one out. You’d want to be like your friend who was proposed to at a fancy restaurant, went for honeymoon abroad. You’d want to find Mr. Right which is sometimes a poison to your relationship. Eventually, when you can’t have it all if he can’t give it to you, you find yourself back to square one, single again.


Self-satisfaction and excitement drives most women to cling on settling and life could actually be on the move. The career building, investments and building up a home acts as an umbrella to shelter your dreams, the multitasking nature of women, that kind of satisfaction.

Rome wasn’t build in a day. After knowing each other through dating , testing the waters and mutual understanding, settling could be an option. Rushing towards this may hurt you, finances have also to be settled for smoothness, it’ not a walk in the park.

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