Mon. May 20th, 2019

FIVE Reasons why you should give that Shy Guy a Chance

There is always that shy guy in class or at the club who seems like he is hitting on you but is so shy such that he cannot speak up for himself.

While many ladies want to have an assertive guy hitting on them with all these crazy ideas of what they can accomplish together, the world is not always filled with adrenaline junkies who are ready to pick on every girl that crosses their paths.

Therefore, if a seemingly shy guy hits on you…or better still you hit on him (it is allowed!) you should not think twice, because:

1. He Listens

There is nothing as sexy as finding a guy who listens without acting like some parent ready with unsolicited advice or a judgy attitude!

Most shy guys hardly talk and when they do talk, it is often out of necessity and not out of abundance of words. As ladies, there is always a time when all we want is vent out our frustrations, fears and emotions to a listening ear. Give a shy guy a chance and you will get yourself a listener.

2. He is Fun

They say “judge a book by its cover” but I say, “never review a book before reading it.” Most shy guys are often seen to be boring and unexciting to be with. However, these are the most genuine guys you will ever encounter in life because if you get close enough to them, you will realize how authentic they are.

He will not drag you allover the party in the name of having fun; but he will identify a spot in the party and give you the full attention you deserve as a queen and have fun while at it. He is true to the core with his fun moments and will do everything because he wants to, and not to impress anyone.

3. You will know him best

Have you realized how annoying it is for your man to be known by every Sheryl, Beryl and Merry-line? Every time you start talking about him in front of your girls, they finish sentences for you as if he is their boo and not yours! It’s really annoying and a leading source of insecurity in relationships.

When you find yourself a shy man, he is hardly known because every girl thinks he is not fun to be with. He is mysterious and even the girls will always want you to tell them about him because they know nothing about him. You will have an opportunity to know him the best and even brag to your girls about the exclusivity you have.

4. He will be all about you

Dudes who are celebs on campus are often attention seekers and will hardly have time to give their girls the attention they deserve unless they are getting something out of it.

However, if you get a shy guy and give him all the attention he requires of you, he will be all about you as a way to appreciate your effort. He will treat you like the only thing that is happening in his life…and girl, don’t we love attention from our baby boos?

5. He’s Just So Cute!

Don’t we all love it when a guy is all nervous, awkward and tongue-tied? It is simply irresistible to giggle at a guy who scratches his head and acts all nervous when pouring their hearts out!

Shy guys often tend to use actions to express their feelings. He will scratch his head, look at you as if he’s looking past you, and when you finally say “YES” he will make every efforts to do cute, thoughtful gestures for you. That’s just lovely!

Alright…. but keep in mind….

Not all shy guys are angels! Don’t get me wrong. Use your sixth sense. Observe. Be vigilant. In case you notice anything out of the ordinary, flee, Flee, FLEE!!

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