FIVE Things Every Campus Lady Needs to Add to their 2018 Plans

2018 Plan

Hi ladies, it has been long since we had some girl talk. Come closer as we need to amend something in our 2018 calendars. 2018 is still too young. We are barely halfway through its first month hence I believe it is still okay to add something and rub others from our plans for 2018. Please add these somewhere dear one.

1.Protect your Peace

Everything nice happens in peace. Countries scale up their economies when peace prevails. Families share fun and joyful moments when at peace. Think of what would happen if you had peace within yourself. I imagine how productive you would be.

Forget about what did not work in 2017. Be it that one opportunity you missed trying that one thing you wanted. Relax, 2018 is here and be happy you are alive to try again. Be it that relationship that went wrong, be bold enough to make emotional peace with yourself. Double your productivity by ensuring your inner peace is at it’s maximum even as you make peace with your environment.

2.Change your Mindset.

You have probably held onto some theory you are not even sure if it’s basis or whether it works. Come on the change that mindset. Maybe someone said to you some business does not work well if tried by women and you have always wanted to try it. Go ahead dear, change that mindset and try your hands at it. Be different in 2018. I know what holds us back mostly is probably the fear of the unknown. Trust me the probability that nothing bad is likely to happen is very high. Do not be paranoid. Be outgoing.

3.Speak Up.

Over the 2017 festive season, there was some trend about the boy child being woken up and told to stand up and prevent the girl child from overtaking them in most things. It has always been a challenging world especially for the girl child since almost everything around them can be used against them including their sexuality.

I do not want this to happen as a war between the male and female gender but dear girl child speak up in 2018. Do not be held down because you are a lady. Raise your argument, not your voice! Have some say in that relationship. Feel free to tell him what you feel is necessary. In 2018 sell that idea to someone you think will scale you much higher but not intimidate you.

4. Have some Lone Time

In 2018 create some lone time. It does not have to be literally. I want us to carry out this like some sort of a meditation exercise. Keep away from even your phone. Be in that space that provides so much of the natural serenity. Think about you, talk to yourself. Talk to that person in you who first speaks to you when you are about to do the wrong thing; that inner you who first congratulates you when you do something incredible.

You have neglected them for a while now, give them a chance to remind you who you are in 2018. This way you will be able to keep track of your 2018 well since you will be able to think about what you have already done, what you should do or what you should have done and you yet to do. This way 2018 will be an orderly year for you.

5.Let Go.

I do not want to tell you to learn to let go, you should have learned that already. I say act it. Let go. You could have held onto something so much that it helps you not. It instead draws so much energy from you that you are barely left with any to work on what concerns you. I say again let go. You lost a relationship in the previous year, focus more this year. Re-plan and repeat. Let go of the negativity you have around you. Draw more positive energy towards you.

Lastly, in 2018 it’s still okay to cancel a commitment that you feel is not necessary at the moment. It’s still okay to not take calls especially from that friend who only calls you on Friday evening. In 2018, it’s still okay take a day off and reflect on the above points and 2018 still allows you to say NO and stand up strong like you said it and meant it. 2018 still will not block you from being yourself and not changing yourself to fit in a package that is either too small or too huge for you.

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