FIVE Things I Wish I Was Told Before Joining the University

It is every teenager’s dream to join campus after their high school. All the stories of the freedom in campuses don’t make it less anxious. You know the that talk of you can dress in whatever way you want, no one to push you around, no bells and none of that bullshit you experience in high schools. One gets the idea that uni is like a roller coaster filled with fun and you just can’t wait to get on it. You get there and it is just like everyone told you. You think you’ve finally ‘arrived’. The first few weeks are fun and easy since nothing much is happening.

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Then you start taking note of things that no one told you about. You wish that someone told you these things before. This post is about people, both graduates and undergraduates, and the things they wish someone had told them about.

STDs are real.

You read that right. Sexually transmitted degrees are a menace in universities but no one tells you this. Some lecturers do harass their students sexually in promises of giving them better grades. Some might be as a result of the students probably missing classes, cats and exams and choosing the ‘easier’ way out. Also, the other STDs are present if you fail to take care of yourself.

You don’t get to choose your roommates

You can choose your friends but roommates just like family, you don’t get to choose this. You find yourself say in a room of 4. Each of these people is different. That means you will need to tolerate them and overlook their flaws for a harmonious coexistence amongst yourselves.

Network and volunteer for opportunities related to your course

According to the graduates I asked, this is one area that they wish they could do it over again if they got the chance to go back to school. You find a lot if forums and career exhibitions organized by the schools but very few people attend and instead they decide to use it as their off day. Then graduation comes and goes and you realize you have very few contacts or the ones you have are just in the same situation of tarmacking for jobs.

Extracurricular activities are equally important

There is a variety of extracurricular activities in university compared to high school: drama, games, leadership training, Rotaract clubs, religious groups, etc. surely, there must be something among the many that excite you.

Studies become more complex as you advance.

This is the most overlooked thing. They will tell you only of how campo is fun but they fail to mention that as you advance your studies, everything becomes complex and there reaches a point where you will be needed to specialize in your course. Specializing does not make it easy; it just comes with wider syllabus coverage.

I hope you learn something from the above or probably share with someone you think it can be of help

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