FIVE Tips to Ace your Internship and Probably be retained!!

With every professional body requiring students to attend a mandatory 6 month to 1 year internship before being absorbed into the system, it is every student’s wish that their first internship interview is a sure job!

Getting an internship is not only good on your CV but also gets you an opportunity to put all the knowledge and skills learnt in lecture halls into practice.

Here, we have compiled five important hacks that will enable you hack your internship and even get retained at the place where you get the internship!

1. Conduct Some Background Research

Getting your foot in the door is the first step towards getting the internship position. It is therefore important that you identify the organization you want to intern for and find out as much information about the organization as possible.

While many companies may look good at face value, a little digging is important to avoid getting yourself entangled with an organization involved in questionable business dealings. This is important because you wouldn’t want the rest of your career to be laced with your association with a questionable organization that you interned at. Getting as much information about the organisation as possible is also important during the internship interview as it shows interest and enthusiasm.

2. First Impression is what Counts the Most

First impression is like a strong perfume, it takes ages to wear out from people’s minds. Make sure that your application letter stands out from the rest. When you are called for your interview, remember to leave an impressive first impression on every person you interact with at the organization.

Remember that the place you intern at may have a lasting impact on your future job prospects because the organization will be your first referee. A good impression on the secretary at the company, an lasting impression on your supervisor will not only land you the internship position but will also ensure that they put in a kind word every time you seek their reference.

3. Your Attitude Determines your Altitude.

This saying has never been so true for interns. Sometimes, luck struck us so hard that we land internship opportunities at the organization of our dreams. However, once we land the opportunity, ego sets in and our attitude towards everyone around us becomes spiteful.

Observance of discipline is critical for companies once you have landed the internship opportunity. Don’t be the Gossiper-in-Chief or the Miss ATT at the office. Avoid being entangled in every office grapevine or looking down on others because this will not only reflect badly on your relationship with others at the office but also on your CV henceforth.

4. Experience is better than Money

While nothing is as satisfying as getting paid for your efforts, there is more satisfaction in getting the all-important experience that every employer wants today. Therefore, avoid seeking monetary gain blindly and look at the bigger picture. Better an internship where you are paid peanuts but get loads of experience than one where you get paid well to just sit around.

Try to overlook the financial gain you get at the place of internship and focus on the experience you get. This will enhance your competitive advantage in the future. With the right experience, you will be able to land the best job once your internship is over.

5. Be a Jack of All Trade and a Master on One

Today, employers are looking for people who can get out of the comfort of their area of specialization and do other things. While being an expert at that one thing you studied at the University is impressive, having the ability to go beyond what you learnt in class to do other stuff is even more competitive.

Be resourceful at the company during your internship that the day you are absent everyone – including the CEO – notices your absence. Great CEOs like Centums CEO James Mworia used to take notes for the then CEO during meetings but look at him now. This will surely land you a retention once your internship is over.

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