Five Tips to Make Your Campus Relationship Work

The connection that ignites two beautiful souls to try out something and to elevate the friendship into a relationship or the situationship into a relationship is always an exciting time within the dating dimension. Truth is, the excitement might be short-lived when the boat starts sinking, feel unappreciated and you finally decide to take a hiatus. However, to make it work for you, the following could be helpful:

Comparison is a Joy-killer

We tend not to read in between the lines when it comes to this and when the bough breaks, it tears your heart apart. Always learn to appreciate your partner for whatever little thing that he or she does for you. Doing this would be a step ahead in knowing why you cling onto one another. Is it the money or the love? The fine things in life are not far-fetched to any of whom is starting to find a grip on the ground.

It’s Private but it’s not a Secret

Navigating around the public eye is one that might make or break you. Let people know only what you want them to when you want them to and leave the rest for the house. This is important for anyone who wants to make things come through. The public eye doesn’t defend, if it will, it just might bring you down with a loss of the one you love especially with the current social media. Mind you, this is not a war zone for only celebs as other people might think about, it might be the hot sauce that can’t be cooled down by any individual.

It’s a Matter of Priorities

Your world as an individual existed before your relationship; your friends, your hung-out mates, your lady friends, your drinking buddies and much more. Once you venture on this road let them know why you went solo on this one, don’t hide your partner. Your crew will always get it though balancing would work things out. When you understand priorities you’d sacrifice for the good. At the end of it all learn to assess situations and be there for everyone but for someone, it has to eat up the largest pie of attention.

Be Each Others’ Keeper

This is attainable when you know your partner inside out. The past doesn’t necessarily affect the present, but always create a rapport of dialogue. Communication is key to any relationship to work out. Learn to keep that in mind.

Solve Issues One on One

There is no need to call mediators when two in love have hitches. They alone know what went down and how they’ll react shouldn’t be stage managed. Hurdles will always be there and arguments, this is not with an aim to fall us down but to jump over and see what we did wrong, perhaps why and how to work it out. Third parties would probably help you with the correct advice at the wrong timing. Always remember the relationship is between two birds who sing when caged.

I always remember this line ‘life is a learning curve’ and I was made to understand that humans are perfectly imperfect, with this always learn to be patient and let things flow. Sometimes trying to hard could strain you. So live the life you imagined with whom your heart beats for.

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