Five Types of College Fashionistas you have definitely met on Campus

College Fashionista Kenyan Campus

College is basically a discovery field. A place where we all go to discover ourselves, what we love, what we loath; what we want to be, what we don’t want to be. College life is all about having fun and discovering the new you! With no parents around to dictate their fashion choices, we all tend to go a little crazy.

Here are the five types of college fashionistas that you have definitely met on campus. By the way, feel free to add some.

1. The Bosslady Young CEO

Young Bosslady CEO Campus Fashionista

She is the campus lady that makes everyone else look badly dressed for their courses. Whenever she comes to class, she is always looking that she just came from an important business meeting or from a life-changing interview. She takes every lecture very serious and may even be the Class Representative.

2. The Tomboy

Fena Menal Fashion Kenya ZumiYou will always find her in the company of boys – and no, she is not having sex with any of them. She is definitely the loudest in every room. This is the girl who likes to wear loose fitting clothes, men’s t-shirts, and jackets. She most definitely have a backpack in which she carries her books instead of a handbag. You will rarely find her in any makeup, save for some nude lipstick.

The Chameleon

The chameleon leaves the house looking like Mother Teresa but arrives at school in scraps of material ready to flirt with all the guys. She comes to class last and walks across the class to be seen by everyone. That is how she announces her arrival. Always on phone flirting with everyone and taking photos to send to Tom, Dick and Harry or upload to their Whatsapp Status. Look around, is she sitting next to you?

Little Miss Perfect

Image result for beautiful african campus girlThe little miss perfect is that classmate we all love to hate. Her hair is always well done and so are her nails and makeup. Additionally, she wears clothes that accentuate her figure as they fit perfectly and she is always wearing heels to class. Everybody in class loves her so much that after class they want a photo session with her.

She always arrives to class on time, her hand writing is so perfect that the lecturer uses her books as a reference for where they stopped in their previous lecture. However, she may be a snitch and a perfectionist who would rather follow the timetable as is rather than discussing with the lecturer to move the Friday afternoon class to Thursday.

The Wannabe Sociolite

Image result for beautiful african campus girlShe looks like she is just about to be featured in a Diamond Platinumz video. The wannabe sociolite likes to flaunt her assets, ‘knows’ many celebrities, but don’t expect her to say “hi” to you at events. She attends most of these events on complementary tickets and she is the go-to-girl for anyone who wants any information on any kind of giveaways.

Her phone is littered with every photo editing application you can think off. When you check out her Instagram account, it represents that of a successful lady. She hardly want to associate herself with people and often creates an aura of a “rich kid” around her to scare away broke campus boyfriends.

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