FIVE Ways 2018 Could be Your Year

The closure of 2017 should be embraced with utmost gratitude. This is to all who crowned the year with love, life, laughter and most of all God. I am willing to wager that the ups and downs of the year have taken a toll on individuals albeit not all hope is lost with the onset of this new year.

Foremost, Keep your Eyes on the Prize

Focus is key to achieving all that’s good for you putting in mind that it’s not selfish to do what’s best for you. Every individual deserves nothing but the best in life but believing that one is up to the task comes as a top up. It is elementary to tag along with an aggressive nature as the only way live up to staying focused. Let comparison be collateral in your life, all of us belong to a story with different endings and that makes life simpler if embraced. Could you imagine how life would be boring if we were all entitled to the similar storyline?

Shaking off Negative Energy

In the vicinity of trials in life, there’s always that echo of doubt that derails one from merging ahead. If this echo is a spirit, one could snap out of this, but if in person it’s almost impossible. Belonging to a circle of positive vibes could elevate that dream to reality. Therefore dare to dream! Make it a lane to walk in life.

Learn from Mistakes

You know what they say about a repeated mistake… It’s definitely Not a mistake! Dust oneself and learn to stand up for what is more confining to oneself is more like ushering the New Year. Invest more in learning as that’s basically what life’s about. It’s through mistakes that one gets to grow.

Put the Past in the Past

That is the major reason it’s in the past. The year might have pulled you in the dust, but no one’s perfect no one’s life is. Come to terms with closure and let what happened help in growth. Loss of a friend, a parent, a lover, a break up could be a major set back but always remember it what makes one stronger.

Center Happiness

Most of the times one would ask “How are you?” and as etiquette dictates the humble reply would be “I am fine.” This is cliché, the question should be “Are you happy?” Invest time in whatever that makes you happy. Go shopping, buy yourself a gift, go swimming, join a football club, hold a party, get a makeover drink coffee, go on holiday and many more things that’d bring oneself fulfillment. Without happiness, one would sink into the deep cold waters of stress and thoughts that bring up dire consequences of unending ailments.

There are countless things one would do to make 2018 that dream a reality. It all depends on one’s mindset. Happy New Year everybody!

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