For Gen Y and Z who feel like they are falling behind their peers

Generation Y and Z Life

You’ve spent so many years looking forward to this phase of your life. And it always looked so cool. So glamorous and filled with love and laughter.

Yet here you are. With knowledge that it’s anything but what you wished for. It’s messy buns and messier lives. It’s baggy shirts and overflowing laundry bags. A lot of work and never enough money. It’s freedom with responsibilities.

You find that life is no longer what it seemed. Different people are doing different things. Your best friend’s getting married and your former classmate is killing it with success. You also find out that your ex is happy in love while your old mate is drowning in drugs.

It seems like everyone else is doing something while you… you’re just existing. You’re getting through everyday a little better than the last. But then you have days where you can’t get up at all. And in that moment, read these words:

Breathe. It’s not so bad.

You think I don’t understand… but I do. Yes, we all make those mistakes. And we all think nobody else does but they do.

So please, don’t hate yourself and most importantly, don’t stop. Don’t stop loving with all you have. Do not stop wishing on every shooting star. Don’t stop dreaming of fairy tales and being as amazing as Malala Yousafzai.

In as much as you might not always get there, do not stop. You have so much left to do and a world filled with life waiting to happen. You have books to be read and steps to be taken. There are still places to see andeople to meet.

You haven’t lived half your life yet and there’s so much ahead. In ten years, when you look back, you’ll wish you were here again.

So don’t waste it wallowing in your own sadness. Don’t lose yourself to your self-pity and non-existent boundaries. Use everyday. And I don’t mean spend thousands of shillings visiting the North Pole. I know how you’re struggling to make ends meet.

Do the simple things. Stop procrastinating. Take a walk with nature. Go to the gym. Read your favorite book for the millionth time. Watch a movie. Write your novel. Sketch until you’re better than the best. Eat like you’re dying tomorrow. And most importantly, make mistakes.

Your heart will heal but today will never be back again. Don’t live with “Could-have-beens” but take chances. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember – It’s okay to be alone.

There is time to let your life revolve around someone else. But today, let it revolve around you. Not because you can’t find someone. Not because you can’t be loved. But because you deserve to wake up with a smile. You deserve to live life. To make memories so wild, you’ll be the coolest grandparent they’ve ever known.

Breathe. It’s only your 20’s. You’re going to be alright.

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