Former SONU Deputy President Offers Valuable Advice to Campus Ladies

Irene Kendi

Former University of Nairobi Student’s Union’s Deputy President Irene Kendi took it to her Facebook page to provide invaluable advice to female university students in Kenya.

The first female SONU Deputy President revealed that while in campus she was laughed at by what she referred to as “pretty girls and boys” when she shared her dream of becoming the SONU Treasurer.

The former student leader further revealed her poor background that had made many to think that she was not equal to her dream then on campus.

“I was poor yes with a poor background, but I was optimistic and a big dreamer,” Miss Kendi who now works with the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU).

However, Irene Kendi did not lose hope in her dream and two years after vying for the Treasurer’s position, she paired up with Babu Owino to become the first female Deputy President in the History of the University of Nairobi.

“I broke the record and became the first female Sonu deputy president,” noted Miss Kendi on her Facebook post that has elicited a lot of reactions.

After providing the university ladies who follow her on social media with her background, Miss Kendi went ahead to provide invaluable pieces of advice to the students using herself as a case study.

“What do I mean, there is power in those who believe in themselves and have already unlocked their purpose,” she advised.

“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t. In life always aim higher if God has given you the potential and his favor!” she offered.

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