FOUR Mediocre Habits that Are Prevalent Among Students

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Annoying Campus Habits

From outside, they appear to be places full of smart people with a sense of direction. That went with the 80s and 90s. Today, universities have become breeding grounds for all levels of mediocrity you can ever imagine. People don’t know what they want anymore and seem unconcerned with their future. The same people are expected to be the tomorrow leaders but alas! If these are the people we’re looking up to, then I guess we’re lost. Below is a list of mediocre things that happen on our campuses.

  1. Nisignie Please.

Rules are that you have to attend 75% of the lectures to be eligible to sit your exams. I understand that there are some instances that are inevitable and one cannot make it to class. However, there is this other bunch of people who barely attend classes and only show up during cats and exams. Thanks to the new biometric system taking place in some universities where you use fingerprints to sign attendance. That’s going to hit them hard. Ouch! But they have had their time, haven’t they?

  1. Lecture Notes.

Lecture: a spoken lesson usually delivered to a group. (English dictionary). To me, universities are just advanced high schools, in the sense that notes are dictated. Shouldn’t it be like the students listen and then make their own notes? Why do lecturers spoon-feed grown men and women? Dictating notes is just promoting poor listening skills.

  1. Dressing Code

Kudos to private universities for not being caught up in this bubble of indecent dressing. Visit public universities and you’ll have the shock of your life. We are advised to dress for the job we want. I wonder dressing in croppies and booty shorts to class if it’s dressing for the job we want unless it’s in a club. Some lecturers are however strict on the way their students dress and can’t tolerate indecent dressing. Applause

  1. Breeding Ground for Drugs and Substance Abuse.

It’s ironical when you see posters around campuses ‘this institution is a drug- free zone’ then see students smoking in public places. It baffles me how university officers just turn a blind eye to all this or when students are caught in the act, they bribe them and it’s over.

However, there are those students who know what they want in life and know that campus is just an avenue to get there. They are serious about what they do and they’ll go far in life. Keep being you and may you never be swayed by the pressure.

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