Friends With Benefits

Often we get tired of committments, of getting heartbroken because we are not being treated right or for any other possible reasons. Sometimes we intentionally want to let lose, and just enjoy s3x and life. We resort to having friends with benefits, no strings attached, just sex.

But what happens when we develop feelings for our “friend” in question? What if accidentally a baby happens? How would we manage parenting through this?

Research reveals that when a baby comes in such a situation, its most probably accidental (or planned sometimes) . The male friends tend to be frightened and overwhelmed when this happens. Some choose to be responsible and take care of the baby, some do not; depending on their agreement with the female friend.

The male friend would find it hard to adjust to such situations especially when he has a girlfriend/wife at hand. Some of them would therefore act like they don’t want anything to do with the baby at first until they are talked into it.

On the other hand some act responsible at the word go. They would be there from the clinic appointments to the first steps the baby would make and afterwards. In this case, when the male friend gets too comfortable to be a dad to the baby, he might be tempted to move out of the previous relationship or make it official to the wife/girlfriend for having a baby with another woman.

FWB to marriage 😲

So there is always a possibility that “FWB” might lead to marriage, one of the reasons being prompting oror even planning for a baby. Another reason is when they develop feelings for each other. Not a rare case. Sex is a sensational act between two bodies, so when the two people end up liking each other, it’s not their fault but part of their connection. They can therefore decide to ditch their previous partners and make themselves a thing, end up in marriage sometimes.

So it is very possible for “FWBs” to be partners. When a baby comes in place even before they become partners, it’s upon them to talk it out and decide matters responsibility involved.

Melvine Akoth

A Journalism and Mass Communication student at Chuka University. Aspiring journalist who loves reading, storytelling, traveling, and cooking. For everything sex and relationships on The Campus Lady Magazine.

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