GUYS, This is what Ladies REALLY Want

By Cherotich Karren

I used to think that men matured with age. I used to think that men got more skillful with age, like you know, with talking and stuff like that. Boy, was I wrong. It seems to me that their peak was in high school. When I got to campus this was fully proven.

I came here with very high expectations. Besides quality education,I had overheard women,mostly my mom’s friends say how they met their husbands in campus. I will tell you without much envy that most of their husbands are adorable. One would think that they are all feminists. I came to campus with such a mantra of meeting my dream guy with some special features a parts from the usual being tall(American height),dark(chocolate) and handsome(subjective though). To my shock, am still to get one close to such (even in our girlish talks) before I change my demands,no! before I make new resolutions.

Women WantOf course, not every guy you meet here is terrible,but to some extent they have fallen short of my expectations (am speaking for my friends too). I bet there are plenty of mature,responsible,potential (who meet my specifications maybe) and kind men out here that I have yet to meet in campus streets.But, as of now, I don’t see anyone save my little crush, special reservations.

Dates here in campus are quite an often thing but its funny how a guy tells me “when will you come over to my house,I cook for you?”. They must not have realized that am on diet and maybe they take me for a bad cook. When did they taste my food? Prophets of this generation. In short they put in little effort, if any, to win a girl.

And as of now, I haven’t met anyone who is worth my time.

Here’s the thing. I’m not going to waste my time anymore. Time is precious. Time is limited especially now that almost clearing school and studies are becoming more involving. They have always been anyway! And time won’t wait for anybody. I’m not looking for a guy with the nicest smile,dread locks or with the cutest pick up line which has become of most campus dudes. I think they long lost their manhood. All they can now afford to do is take selfies while their age mates elsewhere are making discoveries worth millions.I’m not looking for a guy with the nicest washboard abs, or with the biggest biceps.

I want to date a quality guy. And honestly, I think that’s something any campus girl would love to do,save some wrecks. I don’t care anymore about having arm candy. I don’t care anymore about how everything ‘looks’ on the outside. Of course I do.

I am looking forward to a gentleman to make a god damn effort.

I don’t want a cheesy pick up line. I don’t want to be booty called. I don’t want the games. I am so, so tired of all the games.

And have overgrown such.

womenI would be enviable if I fell into the arms of such a dude. You think it’s easy to find, but alas I have not had much luck recently. I want a man with integrity. I want someone who respects my needs and my wishes. I want to date someone who actually treats me like I’m a human being. Not one who calls me over the weekend to do their laundry or cook for them. Am not married yet.

I am not an object. I am not a toy. I am a person. Some of this guys think that they make heroes by rolling around and making fool of many divas. You are mistaken. Still there are girls in campus who respect their dignity and maybe are Choosey.

It seems ridiculous to have to write this. It seems pathetic, to say the least. You would think any strong brilliant lady could get a guy with the snap of their fingers especially here where they are all over waiting. You would think an independent brilliant campus lady wouldn’t have to say these things.

But guess what? We can get the guy. Us strong ladies can get any guy we dream of here. I don’t want quantity. I want quality. I want a guy who smiles at me with kindness, and looks at me with admiration. I don’t want him to look at me with hungry eyes and with a sinister smile. I don’t want lust. I want true love.

And lately I have been wondering to myself, is that too much to ask?

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