Hairstyles: Would you dye your hair two different colors?

Hairstyles Dye Two Colours

The schedule on campus can be quite crazy that you find very little time for even making your hair. Are you tired of your boring old natural hair color? Looking for some new hair inspo? Well, look no further ladies. There’s a new hair trend in town and it’s one of the strangest (but coolest) ones we’ve seen yet: dyeing your hair two different colors, at once. Sounds a little nutty, but in the best way possible, am I right?

Whether dyeing your bangs blue and the rest of your hair pink or dyeing one side of your hair a single color and the other side a different color, this is officially the new hair trend we didn’t know we needed that we definitely want to try. Because, I mean, why not?!


What’s more? This new hairstyle has its name already. Call it BLEACH bit!This could be the next big thing around campus and why wouldn’t you be among the first people to try it out? It provides an alternative, witchy look that every campus lady would love. This hairstyle also has a gothic connotation. It can be both very bold and very subtle. It’s a great way to add light around the face and looks different than normal highlights. It’s a more interesting placement of color.

It is Very Affordable!

Worried that it could be costly? Worry not because this style can be easily achieved in your college hostel. It’s also a really easy, low-maintenance way of having color in the hair without having to commit to it all over, and it’s pretty striking when it’s contrasting colors.

Just make sure that you section out the hair well, and make conditioning a priority. As your hair is being stripped back, it’s important to replace what it needs to be healthy. I recommend doing this as you bleach in the first place.Maintain the colour and glow with good conditioners and treatments and mask as often as possible.

So, would you dye your hair with two different colours? Leave as a comment!!

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