Having too much expectations often leads to disappointments

It doesn’t matter how old you are, which occupation you are in or how smart you seem to be. What stands is that whenever you have too much expectations, what comes next is disappointment.

Talking from personal experience, I once felt so much disappointed when I was in school. I was in my ordinary level of education and I was lucky to be in a streamed school where each could contain approximately seventy students.

In my stream, I could defeat everyone almost every term so it became a trend. (not bragging though). It went that way for some duration then it reached a time when we were to have our end term exams. I didn’t bother preparing much for the exams because I knew I could always defeat them. We did the exams and I expected to maintain my position. I don’t know whether to call this laziness or ignorance, whatever. To my surprise, when the results came, I found myself missing in the top-ten students. They always say ‘kwa ground vitu ni different’ that day I confirmed that.

There was this lady called Eveline AKA Litei, who could do so well in class work but come exams she fails. And everyone believed she couldn’t defeat the ‘big five’ me inclusive. Guess what, she emerged as the winner. Kudos to her.

In a nutshell, I was so disappointed just because at the end of the day I didn’t get what I expected. I may call this laziness.

Another scenario was when I got into a relationship with some guy. He was such a nice gentleman whom you couldn’t imagine doing what he did. Huh! When the whole stuff was commencing, he was so promising, he could tell all the sweet things in this world so with that, I was convinced that he could do any good thing for the sake of our relationship.

It did go for so long when I thought he started changing his movements. This was because he was doing things contrary to what I really expected. He didn’t change anyway, it’s only that he couldn’t fulfill his promises. That was when I could yearn for some expensive stuffs but in vain. I felt so disappointed. This happens even to the married people, right?

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Another was in my workplace. It was time for promoting people to higher ranks and I didn’t expect myself to miss there. To my dismay, when the list came out, I maintained the same position. What a disappointment.

Now that it has become a daily routine, how can we overcome this? Should we totally avoid expectations? Should we expect less?

In my own suggestions, we should have expectations but not too much which in failure can lead to disappointment. Be it in workplaces, learning institutions, relationships or marriages. We are all free to air our suggestions.

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