Here are genuine relationships ladies can enjoy with older men

Older Men

Relationships between younger campus ladies and older men in the society have been under scrutiny in the recent past.

This has largely been due to the rise of sexually-starved and promiscuous men in the name of “sponsors” looking for younger ladies to satisfy their sexual urge in exchange for money and a larger-than-large life.

However, the scrutiny that these relationships have received has cast a shadow or rather healthy non-sexual relationships that ladies enjoy with their elderly friends.

Not all relationships between a young campus lady and an elderly man are geared towards exchanging sexual favors for money.

While having any kind of relationship with an older man is likely to be conceived as ‘sponsorship’, it is important to find out more information about the relationship.

Mentor-Mentee Relationships

There are genuine relationships that ladies can have with older men including that between a mentor and his mentee.

A campus lady can look up to an established man in her line of profession for mentorship purposes without any strings attached.

The two can have lunch, attend industry events together and even hang out from time to time without necessarily having an affair.

The aim of the mentor-mentee relationship is for the young lady to get first-hand experience of her professional life or business life from someone who is established.

Father-figure Relationships

Today, there are very many single mothers in Kenya. Their situations may have been caused by a number of factors including dead-beat fathers, deaths or simply out of choice.

For the child who is being brought up by this single mother, there is always that one man to whom she looks up for guidance.

Therefore, the lady may be hanging out with that elderly man just because she considers him a father-figure.

Before, you judge, it is only good to understand the truth behind this relationship.

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