Here are the FIVE Annoying Library Habits

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Annoying Library Habits

Libraries are our safe havens especially with looming assignments or when you have to study and your roommates are noisy or play really loud music. I love my school library. It’s big, has cool air, spacious reading desks and most importantly, quiet. However, there are always devil’s agents in any library you go to sent to distract you from finishing that final project or reading for that exam. These people have extremely annoying habits and you just feel like screaming ugggh! In their faces

  1. Answering Phones in the Library

I don’t get it. At the door, there is always a sign that reads all phones should be put on silent mode. And in case you miss that one, there are always other signs right, left and center on the walls In the middle of a very intense study, you’re disrupted by a phone ringtone (and they’re always not so exciting). As if that’s not enough torture, they go ahead and receive the call and go ahead and plan a wedding. What on seven heavens is wrong with you people?

  1. Eating Noisy Snacks

You’ll always have someone with noisy snacks in the library, especially sweet wrappers. And these people open this sweet for like about 5 minutes. You think they’re done opening and just when you get back to what you were doing, they go again. People, where are your library manners? You do understand it’s wrong to carry edibles to the library, right? I feel like if you disturb us when we’re reading, then you ought to give each of us a sweet to compensate.

  1. Reading Loudly

Now these, they’re from another whole different planet. I was once seated near this older guy in like his 50s and boy did he read loudly? For him I just let it go because I assumed it was because of the age until I met this young guy in his early 20s who even read louder. Like dude, do you even get to understand when you read it out loud? Coz hell I don’t.

  1. Gum Smacking

While you study and chew gum and then chew that same type of gum while you’re sitting for your test, you’re supposed to remember what you read since it improves your memory. When we were kids, we did all kind of stuff with gum: blow bubbles, pop, smack, you name it. Why do you want to relive your childhood in the library full of people? Man, that shit sucks.

  1. Constant Sniffing.

I have to admit this is the one that drives me really nuts. I understand that one might be sick but surely, bringing or rather using your handkerchief wouldn’t hurt, would it now? I’ve personally walked over to people’s desks and asked them to blow their nose and watched them say sorry very timidly. One ever told me that he wasn’t even aware that he was sniffing…lol! How is this even possible? I need such unawareness when making bad decisions that I know will affect me in future.

Remember how bad you felt when someone did something that irritated you in the library? Do you remember how you folded your knuckles ready to punch them in the face? Now, next time you’re about to answer that phone call, think of how many people you’ll be distracting. Think of the folded fists ready to punch you. There is hope in making the library a better place for all of us. It just has to begin with you.

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