Here is why the ‘Funga Duka’ campaign is a waste of time

Huddah Munroe Funga Duka

“Women are their own worst enemies. And guilt is the main weapon of self-torture. Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilty and I’ll show you a man.” These are Erica Jong own words in the book Fear of Flying.

I urge you to read it louder and this time letter by letter. Maybe you’ll understand before rushing to reach baseless conclusions.

“Lisemwalo lipo kama halipo laja!” (Whatever has been spoken might be of existence if not so then it will come to pass.)

Just in case you haven’t gotten the chance of going through your Instagram feeds due to classes or assignments, I’ll do a quick recount. There is an on-going campaign that was started by Huddah Monroe after being inspired by a lady by the name Carol.

The Juicy Part

So Carol sent Huddah Monroe a DM on Instagram stating that her boyfriend Michael has been cheating on her with several women.

“Hey, guys so today I got a DM about a chick called Carol who has a boyfriend called Michael. So Michael has been cheating on Carol with multiple women. Can you imagine? Multiple women. Who do these men think we are carrying us like we are pieces of sh*t or something like that. So, guys, this is something I have been talking about for the longest time on my social media pages and I think it is high time we hold these men accountable for their actions. Hakuna venye hawa machali watakuwa wanatuchezea,” Upset Huddah stated.

Huddah went ahead and recorded a video that has since gone viral urging women to join the campaign ‘Funga Duka.’ While at it when asked by a follower on Instagram, she said, she is going to ‘Funga her Duka’ for one year.

Funga Duka basically means not engaging in sexual intercourse.

The main objective of the ‘Funga Duka’ campaign is to try and teach the cheating men a lesson. Participants in the campaign hope that through this campaign, men will stop cheating on them.

Carol said she will ‘Funga her Duka’ till Michael gets tested and starts to behave well.

Ha-ha, who else thinks this whole story is super crazy and unachievable? My reasons aside, first, women are their very own witches. If there’s any change to be made, let us, as women change our behavior’s first. Michael didn’t force himself on any of the ladies he is accused of sleeping with! I am not in any way supporting cheating but this whole issue of men cheating is more so encouraged by women themselves.

Chances are the women knew!

The fun fact is that there are high chances that some of the women Michael slept with knew that he was dating Carol. Regardless of this knowledge, they went ahead to open their legs for him. The same legs you’re urging on social media to get closed. For who? Ha-ha. Let’s wait and watch.

If the cheating bullshit has to end, women have to first respect themselves. We need to know our boundaries and respect other people’s partners. By so doing men won’t indulge in any cheating practices whatsoever. Women give men the chance to cheat on them.

I know and have seen many family men keeping it family. They respect their families and their women. I’ll not mention them because I personally wouldn’t want such a good name be in the same sentence with Funga Duka.

I would strongly dissuade anyone from joining theFunga Duka Campaign.

I don’t think men are to blame when it comes to this whole story of cheating. If ladies could always funga duka to other women’s men, Carol and Huddah would not be urging everyone to join their campaign. I strongly don’t blame any man for the cheating cases.

Sisi wanawake ndo chanzo cha haya yote. You see your girl with his man, unaanza kunyemelea? That is so wrong!

Most women are to be blamed. Ask men who have never cheated on their women they will tell you their women respect them and are so loyal.

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