Here’s why Every Party is not for you

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She had cried and cried. Not her Sony Xperia. It would have been better had they asked for money than stealing her phone. She had over 10k in her Equity Bank account.

All they had to do was say they needed money and she would have withdrawn and handed it to them. From her own savings. The phone had been bought by her mother. Who would skin her alive.

First of all, wasn’t she supposed to be studying at the university? How then did she lose the expensive gadget at a party? If that was one of her units then she would be spared. But it wasn’t.

19 years of age and still living under her parent’s roof meant no consuming alcohol. This thought cleared all the drunkenness in her head. She continued wailing.

Another victim, a male this time and his associates were invited to a bash. To crown it all, it was the girls inviting them meaning they didn’t have to go through the trouble of “kuja na madem“.

This does not happen every day. Usually, girls have to be begged to come through. This was a must attend.

Accompanied by booming and blasting music, they danced the night away. In the darkness of the room only with few lit colored bulbs, debauchery occurred for hours on end.

By morning light, many things had been cleared. The now banned sheesha flavor packages were all over the floor. Diminished. Several broken liquor bottles and ashes of cigarettes covered the floor.

The pungent smell of weed hung in the air.

Only when these campus dudes were out of the residential, did they realize they had nothing on them. Clothes yes. Light emptied wallets and no phones. They had been “relieved”. They had presented themselves in the hands of “mafisi”

It should not have happened that way, you might argue. The girls denied possession of the stolen items which magically appeared when the police were involved.

Another year. Parties are meant to be bigger. There should be no reference to those that happened last year. Planners are going bigger and better.

Sex, drugs and the music, please don’t forget the music. The intoxicating factor that opens all doors to immorality.

It is the start of another semester, they dub it “Back to School”. Money meant for fees and accommodation will be spent on financing these parties. HELB will cover me for the rest of the months.

Organize, house parties, clubs. Nurse hangovers and show up for class on Tuesday through Thursday. Friday si ya kusoma.

Have fun. You are young. Very young such that you only live once. Careful not to ignore your education. Most importantly, take care of your belongings and yourself.

You will be robbed. Both physically and of your possessions. It is no joy.

Prioritize. Party relevantly. Every party is not for you.

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